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Stimulus Bill Wipes Out NY Debt

The recently passed $1.9 billion stimulus package was very good to New York state, wiping out its unprecedented deficit. Meanwhile, the average American, still stuck with an average debt of $94,500, gets a measly $1,400 check!

Optics are important, as the saying goes, and this looks an awful lot like a payoff to the Empire State. Or, says Martin Brodel, a payoff for Mayor Cuomo and all the corrupt Democrats in New York, who have kept everything locked down. “It’s the DNC’s way of saying, ‘thank you, good job. Now we’re going to bail you out,'” Brodel says. And it doesn’t end there. Expect for states such as Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois and other Democrats strongholds to share in the gravy train. Here’s more with Brodel as he also reports on gun control, U.S.-Asian relations and President Biden’s broken promise to Georgians.

Pennsylvania Is The Key

Political commentator Bill O’Reilly says Joe Biden will definitely win the inconsequential popular vote, which can only mean Democrats will stuff the ballot boxes in California, New York and Illinois. But he adds that Trump will take 65 percent of the individual counties nationwide, maybe more.

What does that mean? “The folks spread out over this great country will vote for Trump more than Biden, but that may not play out in the Electoral College, because you’ve got Pennsylvania, which is really it,” O’Reilly says. But what about Michigan and Minnesota, where polls suggest that Biden is far ahead? If that were the case, O’Reilly says, the Biden campaign wouldn’t be spending so much time in those areas.

Appearing with Glenn Beck on Blaze TV, the former Fox News mega-anchor dispels rumors of Texas turning blue, a Democrat sweep and speculates on the suspicious absence of Michelle Obama in the campaign.

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Where Do You Want To Live?

We’re supposed to be the United States of America, but in many ways, we’re now divided into two very different nations–Red State America and Blue State America. The red states favor conservative small-government policies, lower taxes, light regulations and tough-on-crime policing. The blue states, on the other hand, are more progressive, favoring a big-government approach, heavy regulations and higher taxes.

Progressive states contend that conservative policies are culturally backward and tend to favor the rich. Testing this theory, economist Stephen Moore compared the three largest blue states–California, New York and Illinois–to the three biggest red states–Florida, Texas and Tennessee. Moore posits that if progressive policies really work, then Americans should be rushing to these blue states. Fact is, just the opposite is happening.

Surprisingly, the migration is not a new phenomenon. Over the last decade, each of the three largest blue states lost an average of 1 million residents. You guessed it–most of them relocated in the three largest red states. The New York Times reported in August that so many people wanted to leave New York City that moving companies were turning away business.

“It makes sense,” Moore says. “Most people like freedom and small government means more freedom. And freedom means opportunity.”  Moore elaborates in this  episode of PragerU.

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Seattle Police Surrender “Chaz”

Seattle Police SURRENDER East Precinct to armed far leftists, 7-block radius declared “Free Zone.” The police claim this is a de-escalation tactic and that may be but it really seems like this is semantics. Seattle PD abandoned the department after claiming they wouldn’t and the far left moved in to create a 7-block area called the Capitol Hill Free Zone.

It does seem a bit like these people are just LARPing but many are now taking up arms and wearing body armor. There are calls for armed guards to protect the barricades and local business have been forced to “disaffiliate” from the city.

In other jurisdictions, prosecutors are outright refusing to charge rioters and protesters for crimes committed giving favorable law enforcement based on ideology. While we can mock these people it is important to note that this could be the start of something more dangerous if something isn’t done soon. More from Tim Pool.

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Chicago descends into chaos and anarchy as crime spikes to historic levels. Antifa creates an autonomous “no go zone” in Seattle. Are any of the Leftist Democrats capable of actually running a city that isn’t a vile snakepit? More from Mr. Obvious.

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What’s it like inside the Seattle no go zone? Here’s a look? As you can see, these occupiers are not too coherent nor especially friendly. They are thugs — junior thugs, to be sure — but thugs nonetheless. Here, a news team gets chased out of the premises. The journalists had to go seek refuge in a nearby fire station.

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After police surrendered the east precinct activists barricaded an area called THE CHAZ. The area is now copless and has around 500 residencies. Far left activists have been flocking to the area in what looks like Occupy Wall Street 2.0

Police will likely back off and allow this to continue for some time. Considering all that we have seen over the past few months it will likely begin expanding and could potentially become something dangerous or something silly and eventually dissipate. The left is arguing that this shows how defunding or abolishing the police would work but so far Democrats have rejected the calls to disband or defund police outright. More from Tim Pool.

Illinois Governor A Nazi

Protestors call Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker a Nazi. Leftists freak out. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Protests against the coronavirus shutdown have now erupted in 10 different states. People, everywhere, are defying the government and thumbing their noses at their heavy-handed and corrupt governors. The longer the lockdown continues, the more we’ll see the people rise up to end the tyranny. More from Tim Pool.

California police at an anti-lockdown protest in Sacramento, California stood down after a Marine veteran challenged their integrity for enforcing unconstitutional orders.

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The Gestapo in America is alive and well. Tyranny is rampant. County Sheriff Richard Mack is among those leading the opposition to these Nazis. Here, he appears with Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers Radio.



Recalling Chicago World’s Fair

Owen Benjamin revisits the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 — a world’s fair held to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus discovering the New World. Also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, its centerpiece was a large water pool designed to showcase the long voyage Columbus took over a vast pool of water to reach the Americas.

The exposition occupied some 630 acres in the city of Chicago, which beat out Washington DC, New York and St. Louis to win the right to host the event. This was the fair that introduced Americans to the term “Midway,” occupied by Carnival rides including the very first Ferris Wheel. This is also where the popular dance known as the “hootchy-kootchy,” or the Little Egypt, came into existence. Products introduced included Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, Juicy Fruit Gum, Vienna Sausages, Aunt Jemima Pancakes and Cream of Wheat.

This was also the fair that first introduced electricity and thus motion pictures and the idea of nighttime sports matches. But Benjamin’s focus here is on the massive, Beaux Arts, white alabaster buildings. These architectural wonders were designed by now-renowned architects, among them, Charles McKim, Richard Morris Hunt, Fredrick Law Olmsted and Charles B. Atwood. Most of the structures have disappeared, owing to a fire that engulfed the fairgrounds after its closure in 1894. But more than 27 million attended its six-month run and photos still exist showing the layout and the buildings.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has been removed and censored by YouTube, and while he is quite active on BitChute, Owen Benjamin has not reuploaded it to that platform. In its absence, we present another video exploring this world-famous exposition.)



An Unhinged Leftist Nazi

Unhinged liberal Susan Buchanan, trustee on the Oak Park, Illinois, town council, spews at elected officials…

“I don’t want to hear what you have to say.”

“You shouldn’t have an opinion on that. That is the point. Why do you have an opinion on equity?”

“You have been white from birth,” Buchanan told fellow trustees Dan Moroney and Deno Andrews. “Why are you arguing what is a system of oppression? You’ve never experienced one, so shut up! I don’t want to hear from you! Just stop Dan, just stop Deno. You are not oppressed and people in Oak Park and we are trying to recognize that as a community.”

Never mind they are elected to their offices, representing their constituents of all color. Make no mistake about it: Buchanan reflects a brand of virulent Nazism that runs deep among Liberals.  They’ve got big mouths, small ears.

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Tiffany FitzHenry discusses her latest video called Communist California. Here she speaks with a San Francisco mayoral candidate to understand how California fell off the rails.

As we chart this new territory together one of the big things we have to always be looking at is how did this happen. How did we get here? What were the conditions by which this level of corruption gained control over vital areas of our world, such as our storytelling.

Some of these answers became to clear to me when about a month ago I began speaking with a woman named Ellen Lee Zhou who is running for mayor of San Francisco. The information that she shared with me was an absolute enlightenment and truly painted a picture of exactly how Harvey Weinstein could have existed for 30 years, and how and why criminal pedophilia could have gone on in Hollywood for so long.

Here’s what the San Francisco Chronicle said about the race back in June: “For all intents and purposes, San Francisco’s 2019 mayoral election ends Tuesday at 5 p.m., with Mayor London Breed the winner by a landslide.

As of Friday, 33 people had taken out papers for a possible run, but only two have filed to be on the ballot — Breed and Ellen Lee Zhou, a public health worker and union representative who pulled in 3.8% of the first-choice votes in the June 2018 mayoral race, compared with Breed’s 36.6% first-choice votes.”

This is Ellen’s story. I’m moved by her love of her city and our nation and I think you will be too.

Bunkers, Bombers and Boxes

After police raided an underground bunker in West Germany discovering child pornography and illegal and synthetic drugs for sale, Vatican police have followed by raiding the Holy See’s Secretariat of State and its Financial Information Office, seeking documents and electronic devices believed involved in suspected financial irregularities. And in the United States, the FBI raided the offices of State Sen. Martin Sandoval, D-Illinois, also removing boxes and a bag marked EVIDENCE. In Pursuit of Truth discusses these far-flung raids and wonders aloud if they might be connected. Also covered here: The crash of a B17 Flying Fortress at Bradley Airport in Windsor, Conn. This was one of only 10 of the historic planes still flying.

The [Deep State] has just exposed everything: the lying, cheating and their agenda. More and more evidence is produced that Joe Biden & Hunter Biden profited in Ukraine and China. Kurt Volker, former special representative for the Ukraine, testified Thursday and it was a nothing burger. The call to have U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, resign is getting stronger and stronger. Brennan panics. US Attorney John Durham wants to interview him. The main target is always last in an investigation. Flynn’s attorney is building the case to free Flynn. She has more evidence up her sleeve so stay tuned. Trump and the patriots are pushing the information out to the public. The public is hearing: Ukraine, China and other countries, corruption, treason and crimes. The mainstream media is trying to defend it all but it is failing. It’s only a matter of time. More from the X22 Report.

Conservative pastor Robert Jeffress says the Democrats worship Moloch, the Pagan god of child sacrifice. “Apparently the god they worship is the pagan god of the Old Testament, Moloch, who allowed for child sacrifice,” said Jeffress. “The God of the Bible doesn’t sanction the killing of millions and millions of children in the womb. I think the god they are worshiping is the god of their own imagination.” Also, in this episode of RedPill78, we hear about a secret message from FLOTUS. Also, America’s two-tiered justice system: one tier for the average Joe while rich elites can get away with murder.

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Sid Vicious?

Tokyo Delve Sushi Bar was among several businesses damaged by a fire in North Hollywood. At least two, possibly three men had been arrested outside the building. There were reports the fire originated in the attic of the sushi bar about 5 am Monday morning but that’s rather strange, because the restaurant is closed on Mondays. Could the fire had originated at another business nearby? In Pursuit of Truth delves into the possibilities.

IPOT also travels to New York to revisit another bizarre accident — a helicopter barreling into the rooftop of a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP. Who are they? A massive group of attorneys, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and frequently used by former President Barack Obama. Hmmm!

Here’s more on the helicopter crash in NYC. This was no accident. The owner of the helicopter, Daniele Rodini, commuted into New York City via the copter, from a home in upstate New York. Bodini serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP). He serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School. Bodini is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations, chairman of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation, chairman of the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, and guarantor of the Italian Academy at Columbia University. More from Bill Smith, who maintains the crash was intended to cover up an Italian spy ring.

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Winning! Winning! Winning! SerialBrain2 returns to President Donald Trump’s historic visit to the United Kingdom. Here, we see how the world has been controlled over the past few centuries — Rome serving as the center for religion, London for finances and Washington D.C. for military. But President Trump is demolishing the old arrangement, working to restore our independence, not only our financial freedom, but also political. Here we see a series of tweets and interviews, decoded to give us a better understanding of what they really mean.

The US is getting ready to hold an extradition hearing for Assange. US Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, exposes the Dean hearing and puts it all out there. We have now learned that John Durham’s investigation is much broader than originally thought. Durham is investigating the following: false statements, classified leaks, falsified FISA affidavits and illegal domestic spying by the C_A. New developments in regards to North Korea.  Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a C_A informant. Iran releases prisoner to Lebanon. Trump sends message. There are no coincidences. More from the X22 Report.

Resignations! Suicides! Suspicious deaths! More Arkancides coming! Heat up your popcorn and prepare to sit back and enjoy the show. More from McAllister TV.

DOJ letter proves the scope of the John Durham investigation covers EVERYONE, THIS IS HAPPENING!!! More strange deaths. Chopper pilot identified, and Project Veritas has another tech insider proving conservative censoring. PLUS Amash OUT of Freedom Caucus. Italy is FUMING over Spygate actions by Obummer Admin. More from RedPill78.

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Jussie: Swamp Rat Walks

Free at last! Jussie Smollett goes free after staging his own hate crime. Jussie appears here with just a few of his Liberal friends who all worked to ensure he didn’t have to face American justice. All so typical of Liberals! More from The United Spot.

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Lift the Veil sums up the views of most Americans in calling  this exoneration of Jussie Smollett “a travesty of justice.” All charges against Smollett have been dropped and his record wiped clean. In other words, you can break every law in the book and if you’ve got high-placed Liberal friends, you’ll go as free as a swamp rat!

Tim Pool explores this whitewash of justice. How, exactly did Smollett get 16 felony charges all dropped, without him having to face any charges whatsoever for being a lying polecat? Looks like Liberals taking care of their own, as the radical state’s attorney for Cook County who let Smollett walk, Kim Foxx, has collected some $408,000 in campaign support from George Soros. Figures…We can only hope the Feds later bring charges against Smollett to replace these state charges that got dismissed owing to Leftist political favors.

Says Tucker Carlson on Fox News, “Why aren’t we laughing at Jussie Smollett?” Or the city of Chicago? Doubtful that Americans will elect another president from that Liberal dump anytime soon!

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Mark Dice calls it “one of the most blatant acts of corruption in the history of the judicial system.” Seemingly, after the Mueller Probe exonerated President Donald Trump, the Democrats had to exonerate one of their own. Doesn’t matter if the culprit committed a truly blatant false flag crime. What can you say: Democrats prove once again they are liars and un-American. They will never change!

We close with this report from RedPill78. Was anyone surprised about Kim Foxx pushing to release Smollett? It’s quite apparent Chicago is dirty — a home to social and political felons, Liberal fanatics of the worst kind. Time for the US Attorney General to take a close look at the corrupt machine that runs the city.

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