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Trump’s Path To Re-Election

Although many bogus polls show Joe Biden leading the presidential race by insane numbers, truth is President Trump is basically in the same position he was in 2016. While Arizona and Florida present some concerns at this point, it’s nothing serious that the president can’t overcome.

The good news is that Trump is performing well in the Rust Belt–especially Wisconsin where he trails by less than 1 percent–and is holding strong in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Game-changers to keep in mind as we near the election will be big-news events, Biden’s performance in public and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps his biggest roadblock will be the outwardly biased mainstream media. Says Stu Burguiere of The Blaze, “Sure, the media is going to try and stop him at all costs, but this is where Trump thrives.”

What it all boils down to is an intense three months, which will include an October surprise or two. Here’s more from The Blaze.

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