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New Term For Sex Change

First it was sex-change surgery, which was deemed racist by Lefties. Then it became gender-reassignment surgery. Nope, didn’t pass the discrimination test, either. Can you guess what the Looney Left now considers the politically correct verbiage?

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere put the question out to their radio listeners and discuss the Left’s obsession to convince the American people that GOP bills aimed to block children’s access to major, gender-changing surgeries are transphobic and dangerous to kids’ health. Tune in for the answer to the riddle on this edition of Blaze TV.

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Will Minneapolis Survive Trial?

With the George Floyd murder trial well underway, will Minneapolis survive the outcome, no matter the verdict?  Either way, the odds of the mainstream media obsessing over the likely destruction, as it has over the siege on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6th, is very low.

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere discuss the likelihood of former police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction on Blaze TV.

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RBG’s Liberalism Was Extreme

While we all mourn the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a judicial maverick and trailblazer, it’s imperative that President Trump and the Senate follow through with their Constitutional duty to nominate and confirm her replacement to the Supreme Court before inauguration day. And a closer look at her voting history on the bench tells us why.

Ginsburg, not your run-of-the-mill progressive jurist, was extreme in her liberal beliefs. For starters, she viewed South Africa’s Constitution as the ideal model for guidance, rather than our own. Hard to believe. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, she objected to laws banning prostitution, wanted Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to become a joint holiday, and wanted to replace pronouns. And that’s just the tip of her judicial iceberg when it comes to her voting record.

However, Ginsburg also argued that a sitting president has a constitutional duty to fill a Supreme Court seat, even right before an election–a fact conveniently sidestepped by the mainstream media and the Left. Here’s more with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere in this episode of Blaze TV.

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COVID’S Criminal Cuomo

The mainstream media has obsessed over Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus, despite the fact that he is responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths in New York.

So why the constant fawning over New York’s governor? The answer is obvious. Cuomo’s modus operandi of late is to berate and threaten President Trump publicly, something the media would love to do if they could. But this, of course, is just a cover for Cuomo, who not only is responsible for the nursing home carnage, but also for under-counting the deaths.

In light of the CDC’s stunning report on the true numbers behind the COVID-19 death count, Stu Burguiere of The Blaze breaks down the misconception and how Cuomo and many other less-than-honest politicos across the nation took it upon themselves to sidestep the truth.

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Trump’s Path To Re-Election

Although many bogus polls show Joe Biden leading the presidential race by insane numbers, truth is President Trump is basically in the same position he was in 2016. While Arizona and Florida present some concerns at this point, it’s nothing serious that the president can’t overcome.

The good news is that Trump is performing well in the Rust Belt–especially Wisconsin where he trails by less than 1 percent–and is holding strong in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Game-changers to keep in mind as we near the election will be big-news events, Biden’s performance in public and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps his biggest roadblock will be the outwardly biased mainstream media. Says Stu Burguiere of The Blaze, “Sure, the media is going to try and stop him at all costs, but this is where Trump thrives.”

What it all boils down to is an intense three months, which will include an October surprise or two. Here’s more from The Blaze.

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The Demise of Seattle

The once sparkling Emerald City, Seattle, is now badly tarnished. The establishment of CHAZ, now renamed CHOP in Seattle, is an interesting and zany story to follow, but it’s not like Seattle has only recently been heading toward a socialist meltdown. The Blaze’s Stu Burguiere looks at the disturbing road leading up to the insane current climate in the city, including dissecting a recent Facebook page constructed by Seattle resident Richard Paddon titled, “Seattle Looks Like Shit.”

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5 Worst Responses From Guvs

It’s hard to get a good sense of how good or bad our governors are doing in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, though the buffoonery in some states gives us a good idea. When you have clothing brands putting California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s name on panties and the media carrying New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo around like he’s Rudy Ruettiger of Notre Dame Rudy fame, the list of the worst responses to the crisis gets short in a hurry. The Blaze’s Stu Burguiere compiled a definitive list of the five worst responses during the pandemic. And surprise! They’re all Democrats. Here’s Burguiere’s report on “Stu Does America.”

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