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Biden’s Worst Nightmare

It appears that there is a surprising woke phenomenon permeating the black community. It’s more commonly referred to as the Walkaway Movement, where blacks are leaving the Democrat Party to join the Trump train.

At a recent Freedom Rally in Beverly Hills, California, a group of woke blacks, clad with MAGA hats, confronted members of Black Lives Matter and asked, “How is Donald Trump racist?” The BLM protesters hemmed and hawed the usual left-wing rhetoric, but couldn’t answer the question. Why? Says one of the patriots, “They can’t answer the question because they have no facts, they don’t do any research, they do no type of higher learning when it comes to what they believe. All they know is what the media narrative tells them what to believe.”

Another patriot went as far as to say the BLM movement is fake and has nothing to do with improving the lives of black people. Contrary to popular belief, the Walkaway Movement is gaining strong support throughout the country, which translates into the worst nightmare for Biden and the Democrat Party. Gary Franchi of The Next News Network has more.

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