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Facebook’s Role In Jan. 6 Siege

Gary Franchi reports that Facebook is coming under fire for the role it played in last year’s siege on the Capitol.  Sourcing the Washington Post and Pro Publica, Franchi says Facebook became a public breeding ground for disgruntled voters, who chose the social media giant to organize, following a barrage of pro-Trump posts regarding the Jan. 6 siege.

Franchi says Facebook executives have downplayed Facebook’s role in the attack and have resisted calls for an internal probe. Here’s the rest of the story from Franchi on Next News Network.

NBC Accidentally Exposes Biden

CNBC financial guru Jim Kramer looked like a White House hostage after telling viewers we are living under the “strongest economy ever.”

Trending Politics’ Clayton Kierns reports it appears that someone at NBC, parent network of CNBC, didn’t get the “shill for Biden memo.” Just one day after Cramer falsely claimed that we are living under the strongest economy ever, his own network admitted that Biden has rock-bottom economic approval. Rich Crankshaw from Next News Network brings us the details.

The Brandon Administration

Cheers to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who just gave the Biden Administration the best nickname ever–the Brandon Administration! “It’s the best nickname ever,” says Gary Franchi, of the Next News Network.

Playing to the popular meme that has liberals in a tizzy, DeSantis drew thunderous applause from the audience at an election-integrity press conference in Palm Beach. The crowd immediately erupted in the chant, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Here’s more from Next News Network.

FBI Complicit in Omar Scheme

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports the FBI knew all along of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s dirty little secrets, but looked the other way. Sourcing The Post Millennial, an online news magazine, Franchi says New York Post columnist Miranda Devine took aim at Omar amid fresh allegations that the FBI knew that Omar married her brother so he could enter the U.S., a clear violation of immigration law.

Minnesota Republican operatives-turned-sleuths spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators to find out whether Omar was in fact a genetic match to the man who was her second husband. DNA evidence confirmed the man was her brother. Here’s more on Next News Network.

Nine-Year-Old Takes On BLM

A heated debate over Black Lives Matter posters in the Lakeville, Minnesota, schools has gone on for months, with parents and students objecting to the political rhetoric. The school board officially ruled the posters were political and agreed to remove them. But the board did nothing and instead placed two additional posters up in Lakeville Elementary School as part of an inclusive-poster series.

That drew the ire of 9-year-old elementary student, who absolutely obliterated her local school board over their decision. Identifying herself only as Novalee, she told the board that changing the color and fonts on the posters doesn’t alter their intended meaning. “It is a political message about getting rid of police officers, rioting, burning buildings down, while King Gov. (Tim) Walz just sits on his throne and watches.” Pretty powerful for a youngster! Here’s more on the report from Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit, courtesy of The Next News Network.

Cheney Regrets Trump Vote

Not surprisingly, bitter and corrupt RINO Liz Cheney is backtracking her 2020 vote, saying she regrets voting for President Trump, although she didn’t disclose if she was leaving the Republican Party.

In an interview with ABC News’ Jon Karl on “This Week,” Cheney says she will do everything she can to prevent Trump from being the 2024 Republican nominee and make sure he never gets close to the Oval Office again. Talk about a bombastic threat! We have faith in the Wyoming electorate that they see to it that Cheney never gets close to Capitol Hill again. Here’s more with Gary Franchi on Next News Network.

Kamala Gets Testy

It’s been more than a month since President Biden named VP Kamala Harris as border czar, yet she’s yet to come within a stone’s throw of the area, much less the Northern Triangle in Central America, where she vowed to solve the southern border crisis.

So when Harris traveled to New Hampshire, rather than the border, over the weekend, she received some backlash from conservative media. And Harris didn’t take too kindly to a pointed question from a local TV reporter, who asked why she didn’t travel to the southern border instead of visiting New Hampshire. As expected, a testy Harris delivered a juvenile response: “I’m not going to play political games.”

Meanwhile, 17,000 juveniles are jammed into Biden’s border cages, which Harris called “progress.” Funny how she didn’t think that way during the Trump Administration, when the number of immigrants was considerably lower. Here’s more with Gary Franchi and Next Network News.

Crisis On The Border

Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan slammed the Biden Administration during a Fox News interview last week over the unfolding crisis on the U.S. southern border. According to the Daily Wire, Homan told Fox News that the crisis was “created” by the administration and what’s happening is not an accident.

Meanwhile, Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas denied that there was a border crisis, instead calling it a challenge. Homan says that discussing the immigration problem of 2015 with the Obama Administration, the threshold they set at the time was a 1,000 illegal crossings a day, which they agreed was a bad day, a crisis. Today, we’re seeing more than 4,000 crossings a day. “He is not being truthful,” Homan says. “There is certainly a crisis on the border that was manufactured and created by the Biden Administration.” Here’s more with Gary Franchi on Next News Network.

Vaccine Arrives At Warp Speed

“Congratulations USA!” That’s the exclamation from President Trump as the first Americans received the much-anticipated coronavirus vaccine at warp speed. Sandra Lindsay, a critical-care nurse at a Queens hospital, was the first to receive the dose in New York. The event at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center was broadcast live.

Says Lindsay, “I feel hopeful today, relieved. I feel like healing is coming.” After receiving federal emergency approval,  Pfizer’s vaccine was expected to be distributed to 145 sites across the U.S. on Monday and to another 425 on Tuesday. CNBC reported that the development of the vaccine shattered every record in modern medical history. Here’s more on Next News Network with Gary Franchi.

Getting Out The Zombie Vote

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has blown the cover off voter fraud in the recent Presidential election, revealing the dead truth about zombie voters. He says there’s evidence that Democrats raised the dead just after Halloween and ushered them to the polls to vote for Joe Biden.

In an on-air segment, Carlson features a number of dead voters in Georgia who were found to have voted in the general election, including Linda Kessler, who died 17 years ago. This shocking revelation and other fraudulent operations has led Georgia officials to call for a recount.

The operation of getting out the zombie vote has been a longtime staple of the Democrat Party, going back at least to the election of JFK. But that’s not where it ends. There’s a myriad of new high tech trickery and ballot harvesting, another old-time fave of the Left. Here’s more about the Democrat deceit from Next News.

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