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Where Do You Want To Live?

We’re supposed to be the United States of America, but in many ways, we’re now divided into two very different nations–Red State America and Blue State America. The red states favor conservative small-government policies, lower taxes, light regulations and tough-on-crime policing. The blue states, on the other hand, are more progressive, favoring a big-government approach, heavy regulations and higher taxes.

Progressive states contend that conservative policies are culturally backward and tend to favor the rich. Testing this theory, economist Stephen Moore compared the three largest blue states–California, New York and Illinois–to the three biggest red states–Florida, Texas and Tennessee. Moore posits that if progressive policies really work, then Americans should be rushing to these blue states. Fact is, just the opposite is happening.

Surprisingly, the migration is not a new phenomenon. Over the last decade, each of the three largest blue states lost an average of 1 million residents. You guessed it–most of them relocated in the three largest red states. The New York Times reported in August that so many people wanted to leave New York City that moving companies were turning away business.

“It makes sense,” Moore says. “Most people like freedom and small government means more freedom. And freedom means opportunity.”  Moore elaborates in this  episode of PragerU.

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