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Trump Suing For $1.5 Billion

Trump sues the media for $1.5 billion dollars over their false allegations that Truth Social lost $73 million. Filed in Florida, Trump lawyers claim the false stories were defamatory and created to harm the organization that resulted in significant damages.

Elon Musk’s X sues Media Matters in Fort Worth, Texas over their efforts to concoct a scheme to drive advertisers away from the platform. We review the lawsuit along with Ken Paxton’s announcement of an inquiry from the Attorney General’s office.

Big Fani Willis throws a fit after she loses her request to revoke Harrison Floyd’s bond in Georgia. Judge Scott F. McAfee heard oral arguments from multiple witnesses before deciding that Harrison Floyd did not have proper notice of the limitations of his release conditions and denied Fani’s request to imprison Harrison a second time. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Media Matters In Crosshairs

In the case of X vs Media Matters For America, Elon Musk has received a Trump Judge — Mark Pittman of Fort Worth, Texas — the same Judge who forced the release of the Pfizer docs. Also let’s speak a little more about the new Argentine President. Here’s more from RedPill78.

JFK Conspiracy Proof

Here, Lionel Nation does a deep dive into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Nation’s guest is Jim DiEugenio, author of the new book JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass. The book chronicles the story line laid out in Oliver Stone’s new documentary film of the same name.

Among DiEugenio’s assertions: Lee Harvey Oswald was a dupe and had nothing to do with the assassination. Instead, there was a much more elaborate conspiracy, a sinister cabal of players who wanted Kennedy shot for their own dark purposes.

This is hardly DiEugenio’s first book on JFK. He previously wrote Destiny Betrayed as well as The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today, both of which have undergone multiple revisions and extensions.

Dallas Mayor Drops The D

Eric Johnson, the black Democratic mayor of Dallas, Texas, has announced he’s switching parties and will now join the GOP. Johnson is but the latest in a growing array of black and Hispanic leaders who have ended their affiliation with the Democrats. The reasons are blatantly obvious.

By opening the borders to hordes of illegal aliens, Democrats have proven they could care less about American citizens. We are seeing our crime rates escalate, homelessness expand, our cities bankrupted and hyperinflation beginning to skyrocket. In short, send Joe Biden and his corrupt colleagues to Hell!

Here’s more from Tim Pool and his panelists, addressing how Democratic policies are destroying American cities.

Perv Fights Age Verification

Pornhub sues Texas over a new law requiring age verification before you can watch the porn. Pornhub charges the law is a violation of privacy. After all, it inhibits their ability to reach 12-year-olds! Here’s more from FreedomToons.

Weirdest Weather Phenomena

In a rare event, Hurricane Hilary hit the west coast, leaving parts of the desert covered in water. Although it was weaker than what was originally thought, some areas of California got more rain in two days than what they would normally see in a whole year. On the same day, an earthquake hit LA and created the term “hurriquake.”

Now, another tropical storm, Harold, has hit Texas. With the Maui fires and a weird pattern of strange weather all over the world, is this really just a result of climate change?

Could weather manipulation like HAARP technology be a part of disasters? How is China working on its own weather modification program? What would be the motivation behind controlling the weather anyway?

In other weird news, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found what might be the most substantial Bigfoot video they have seen yet. Join this Edge of Wonder live show as they go deeper into the weird weather the world is experiencing, plus a Rise.TV-exclusive Q&A and a meditation/prayer.

Texas Democrats Now Defecting

They’re dropping like flies. As the Democratic Party turns increasingly leftist and more aggressively pushing woke politics, many middle-class and working-class Democrats are quitting the party and becoming Republican. This change has been most dramatic among Hispanics along the borders, especially in Texas, but also in New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The latest casualty for the Democrats? Texas’ Kira Talip Sanchez, attorney for Kleberg County, just south of Corpus Christi. Here, Steve Turley focuses on the trend, and says Democrats’ hopes to vanquish the GOP in Texas are fast fading away.

Biden’s Weather-Modifying Plan

Josh Sigurdson reports on the lunacy of the Biden Administration’s latest attack on the food supply by advancing $1.2 billion plan to build direct-air capture facilities in Texas and Louisiana.

Sigurdson says the plants will be calibrated to suck CO2 from the atmosphere, robbing crops in the United States of the carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis to occur. He says this appears to be a slow drip toward 15-minute cities and carbon credits. More from World Alternative Media.

Child Concentration Camps?

Clayton Morris reports on breaking news from the southern border on the discovery of what he calls “secret child concentration camps.”

Morris says that illegal immigrant children with no parents are being detained in facilities near the Texas border. He’s joined by investigative reporter Michael Yon and podcaster Ann Vandersteel, who describe their encounter with a border whistleblower, who says the children are not allowed to go outside and  are being monitored by escorts in the 19-20-year-old range.

Vandersteel says old Walmart stores that have been permanently shutdown are being rehabbed into facilities to house up to 5,000 children. She claims this is happening all over the country. She added that Southwest Key Programs, a nonprofit that operates facilities for unaccompanied immigrant minors, receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the government yearly, which they use to finance the coyote cartels to smuggle children into the U.S. Here’s the rest of the story.

Geoengineering The World

Mike Adams breaks down the state of the globalist plan to terraform and geoengineer the world, in what he calls the “dark genesis of genocide.”

Adams, guest host of “The Alex Jones Show,” says terraforming is part of the evolution against humanity where governments have evolved more deadly weapons against humanity over the years. He says it’s the most advanced genocide weapon of all, an operation that removes CO2 from the atmosphere, thus shutting down photosynthesis that drives the planet’s entire yield. Here’s more.

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