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Hunter Biden Exposed!

More details are beginning to leak out about the Hunter Biden laptop — the one that none of the mainstream media outlets will touch, and that Twitter and Facebook are desperately trying to censor. First, we learned from Chinese sources that the laptop contains images — pictures and videos — of Hunter Biden involved in sexual trysts with underage Chinese girls. There were hints that these images also demonstrated acts of torture, although that remains to be seen, as the respective images have still not surfaced.

Now, word is circulating that the laptop also shows pornographic images of Hunter Biden engaged in sexual horseplay with a 14-year-old relative. There are reportedly images of the girl topless and also being posed in suggestive positions by Hunter Biden. More from World Alternative Media.

Trump is ready to push the economy forward. The [Central Banks] cannot stop what he is about to do: Separate the US from the globalists agenda. The [CB] are moving forward with their plan. They are running out of time and they are preparing the ground work for the reset. Trump is moving the country in a different direction and this will cause the hammer to come down on the [CB]. Giuliani is now dripping the [Joe Biden] and [Hunter Biden] facts out to the public. He is making them feel pain. For the next 10 days the Bidens will feel the heat. Will something happen? We will have to see how it all plays out. The email are now confirmed. [HB] signature is now confirmed. Crimes against Humanity are now on deck. How do you introduce this topic to the public? You must show them. It’s time. Have faith in humanity. They must see the truth. More from the X22 Report.


WOW! The Truth Is FINALLY Leaking Out!! In this video, we break down Hunter Biden’s laptop apparently being turned over to authorities and the response by Joe Biden and Big Tech. More from We Are Change.

Hunter Biden’s evil laptop. Rudy Giuliani setup by Borat debunked. Deep, dark evil exposed! More from JustInformed Talk.

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