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Join Fight Against Google

An Emergency Injunction against Google is ready to go, we just need to fund it. Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies and Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig have hired an experienced & seasoned California-based attorney and she is already working on it. The injunction, to be filed in the Ninth Circuit and it would force Google to restore all of the conservative YouTube channels that were PURGED on October 15th. If you want to help us fight big tech and the shadow powers that want to steal the November election, this is the FIGHT. More from the SGTReport.

Meanwhile, Big Tech and the mainstream media are still colluding to censor news about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the Laptop from Hell. Needless to say, this censorship is backfiring big time on the Leftist stooges. More from Steve Turley.

China is notorious for its censorship. Now, we learn how Facebook has hired Chinese censorship experts to shut down and silence American patriots. Want to meet your new Chinese censors? More from Tim Pool.

The Young Turks are OK with censorship. Don’t believe us. Listen as Sinatra Says explains.

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