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Joe Biden’s Foreign Bribes

How did Joe Biden make millions of dollars paid to him in foreign bribes?  Why is the cowardly mainstream media refusing to report the facts? Why are the social media platforms censoring Americans like never before? More from Rudy Giuliani in this edition of Uncovered.

Chanel Rion of OAN confirms what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptops. Namely, images showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual posturing and horseplay with his niece, Natalie Biden, as well as attempting to come on to her in online conversations. Rio says there are date stamps on the images, making it possible to affix her age at the time — 14 years old.

News reports indicate that a number of sexual images and text messages found on Hunter Biden’s laptops involve underage girls, including a 14 year-old Biden family member. Is this the reason the media has been pushing for universal condemnation of Q-anon? More from Ben Swann.

Joe Biden just overdosed as the first Hunter Biden sex tape has been released over the Internet. The tape, apparently shot in China, shows Hunter smoking crack while getting a foot job from what appears to be a young woman. We only see her feet so it’s impossible to precisely gauge her age. But she speaks a few times, and seems to  be in her twenties or early thirties — not an underage teenager. Will there be other tapes to follow? Apparently so. More from the Salty Cracker.


Look what else has shown up, released by the Chinese dissidents:

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi with a young Asian girl.

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