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Is Hunter Biden Dead?

As the Hunter Biden sex videos and photos continue to surface across the Internet,  attention has now turned to Biden himself. Has he surfaced anywhere lately? Is he dead? How damaging have the tapes been to Joe Biden? Do they positively show corruption involving China and the Ukraine. More from McAllister TV.


Each economic sector is now forming a V. The economy is recovering. US home prices are moving up. Manufacturing is coming back and durable goods are up. Next card is the GDP numbers. This is coming at the exact moment. WTO on deck. The Mainstream Media/[Deep State] have now lost the battle over the Amy Coney Barrett. She has been confirmed. Most of the states now have to count their ballots on election. [Barack Obama] gives a speech and he is panicking. Recording of [Hunter Biden] has been released and it shows the laptop is not Russian disinformation. The Department Of Justice is now pushing Sullivan to dismiss the case. Welcome to the 15th round. The punches will start to get harder. More from the X22 Report.

RedPill78 gives us a look at the Finger Lakes tattoo on the back of Hunter Biden and speculates on what that might represent. The Finger Lakes are a region of New York State, full of vacation and entertainment getaways. There are 11 finger lakes, mostly running south to north, along the US/Canada border below Ontario Lake. In Civil War days, a series of tunnels in this region were used by emancipated slaves to weave their way toward freedom. But nowadays, there is talk that these same tunnels are now used for human trafficking or the transport of drugs, weapons and other contraband.

RedPill78 discusses the possibilities in a video where he also talks about the class-action lawsuit he has joined against Google and YouTube for removing him off that platform. He is now posting his work online at Rumble. We are still working on embedding Rumble videos, so they are properly sized for our WordPress site. In the meantime, we offer a link so you can see this video directly on the Rumble platform.

Amy Coney Barrett has now been installed as a Supreme Court justice. Conservatives celebrate a  huge and well-earned victory — just ahead of the 2020 elections. More from And We Know.

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