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Court Denial Linked To Riots?

Did fear of riots lead the U.S. Supreme Court to deny the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn Joe Biden’s supposed election as President? This is what Supreme Court sources are saying. The court discussed the Texas case in a closed room but the shouting grew so loud that bystanders outside the room could make out some of the points of argument.

Apparently, Justices Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas pushed for the case to be heard by the Supreme Court. But Chief Justice John Roberts berated them, citing a fear of riots if the Supreme Court acted to reverse the election. Here’s a summary of what was said, aired on C-Span, and now being distributed online by The Salty Cracker.

This comes as Georgia attorney Lin Wood has questioned whether John Roberts should remain Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Wood bases his objection to Roberts on evidence of a John Roberts on the fly logs to Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean. We have seen those logs and can verify they exist. But we cannot say the John Roberts listed in the logs is the same one serving on the Supreme Court. This is a common name, as there’s even a John Roberts who works as a reporter for Fox News.

But we give you Lin Wood’s tweets, and we agree with him. The John Roberts , serving as Chief Justice, should resign immediately if, in fact, he went to Pedo Island. The Supreme Court is not the place for lawbreakers and especially not lawbreakers with such a scurvy habit as child raping, and its associate crimes of child trafficking and murder. If this is you, Justice Roberts, get off our Supreme Court right here and now! You’re unfit for this high duty. You are supremely caught!

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