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Leaving California

As the cost of living increases and the quality of life decreases, people are fleeing California in droves. In the past 10 years, 5 million people have fled the Golden State, 600,000 of those to Texas. California is basically a mess. It once thrived with more than a dozen car plants and was the center of aerospace manufacturing, says billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Now, he says, “My companies (Tesla and SpaceX) are the last two left.”

Meanwhile, Texas and its conservative policies are booming. When you think of the Lone Star State, you think of oil and beef, but Texas has as many Fortune 500 companies based in the state as does California, including an incredibly robust, high-tech start-up sector. The divergent paths these two states have taken are the direct result of political choices they have made. PragerU’s Will Witt explains.

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One thought on “Leaving California

  1. We left California a week before Christmas. My husband was third generation. It was the high cost of living and the threat of more and more taxes.

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