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Sen. Cruz Confronted On Border

In an exclusive video released on Fox News, Sen. Ted Cruz is confronted on the southern border in Donna, Texas, by a Biden handler sent by Homeland Security. The beef was over a cell-phone video of the dire conditions that Cruz was attempting to record. The handler blocked Cruz and kept repeating, “Please don’t treat the people like this. Respect the people.”

Cruz was one of 19 GOP senators who traveled to the Rio Grande Valley over the weekend to witness the impact of the Biden Administration’s border policies first-hand. Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo says the network also sent a photographer to document the trip, but he was banned by border officials. Sen. Ron Johnson was able to capture video of the shocking conditions facing migrants, including an enlarged, caged area meant to hold 250 people, but crammed with nearly 4,000! Here’s more on the GOP trip and an update on the origin of the China virus and Sen. John Kennedy’s take on the border crisis, the CCP and Biden’s radical agenda.

CPAC And Big Don

Even before he listened to Donald Trump’s speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Styxhexenhammer666 already knew Trump had landed some real blows against his enemies — the RINOs and the Democrats. How could Styx tell? He read reports by the New York Times, Associated Press and other Leftist mainstream media outlets and judged how nervous they all appeared.

What’s Styx’s assessment? The 2024 Republican nomination for president will go to Trump if Trump wants it. He will have more than enough support to vanquish Ted Cruz or Ron DeSantis, the two candidates who appear as the most likely frontrunners should Trump decide against making another run. Styx personally prefers Rand Paul, but says Paul probably won’t get the nomination. He’s a bit too headstrong for a lot of voters.

Pope Again Attacks Capitalism

Pope Francis uses Capitalism as a scapegoat for Human Trafficking but I’ll show you why that’s a garbage argument. Joe Biden firing all Trump US Attorneys including John Durham. Weighted vote distribution is exposed and shows how they stole the election. Matzke reveals why he didn’t want to do business with Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denies Ted Cruz attempted murder claim but we have receipts. More from RedPill78.

The impeachment hearing have started. The [Deep State]/Corrupt Politicians are opening the front door. This impeachment trial is not going to be fair. They are now creating the precedence to try other Presidents, Senators etc… The flood gates are now open. The patriots have it all. How do you inject evidence legally? How do you make it look like it wasn’t your idea? Will this evidence help Trump or the [Deep State]. Drip, Drip, Flood. More from the X22 Report.

Trump’s 4D chess move his last day in office thwarts Joe Biden’s agenda! How will Nancy Pelosi manage to get out of this one? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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You Laugh You Lose

If you laugh you lose. Good luck. More from Zeducation.

Where’s The Unity?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued the Democrat Party’s unusual push for unity by calling Republicans the enemy. That ought to go a long way in healing our country!

Speaking at her weekly press briefing, Pelosi said they are looking to add more security to the House of Representatives because the “enemy is within.” She also doubled down on the impeachment of President Trump and flung some choice zingers at freshman Congresswoman from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene. I guess Nervous Nancy never received the memo of unity from the White House.

Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales, host of “The News & Why It Matters,” is joined by colleague Elijah Shaffer and David Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” to also discuss Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s accusation that Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to get her killed, why Democrats are continuing the fearmongering and the Capitol police chief’s request for fencing around the Capitol building.

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Maher Supports Trump Fans

Bill Maher thinks we’re all morality cases. But he supports the rights of Trump supporters to exercise free speech. That’s right. From his Bizarro World throne on HBO, Maher is castigating liberals who want us arrested or censured. More from Ovation Eddie.

Of course, most of the Hollywood tards are still reeling and raging even now that they don’t have Trump around to receive their vitriol. The insane, formerly popular, now-largely forgotten dope smoker Seth Rogen went on a tear attacking Ted Cruz. The super-mad Rogen couldn’t shut up, and proved himself not quite a match for the debonair Cruz. More from The Salty Cracker.

How To Fight Big Tech

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about big tech with Tim Pool, Dennis Prager, Tucker Carlson, Michael Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Beck and more. This compilation shows how long the big tech censorship problem has been growing with clips spanning the last few years. Dave discusses section 230, social media censorship, and free speech with tech innovators like Peter Thiel, politicians like Ted Cruz, creators like Bridget Phetasy, commentators like Michael Knowles, and activists like Charlie Kirk.

Cruz Takes Leadership Role

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is taking a leadership role in mobilizing Republican members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House to reject the fraudulent election of Joe Biden as president of the United States. Glad to see Cruz stepping forward to support the well-deserved second term of President Donald Trump. Momentum keeps building as it becomes increasingly evident that the Democrats engaged in flagrant cheating. Those who took part in this scam should all be identified and incarcerated. More from The Salty Cracker.



Leaving California

As the cost of living increases and the quality of life decreases, people are fleeing California in droves. In the past 10 years, 5 million people have fled the Golden State, 600,000 of those to Texas. California is basically a mess. It once thrived with more than a dozen car plants and was the center of aerospace manufacturing, says billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Now, he says, “My companies (Tesla and SpaceX) are the last two left.”

Meanwhile, Texas and its conservative policies are booming. When you think of the Lone Star State, you think of oil and beef, but Texas has as many Fortune 500 companies based in the state as does California, including an incredibly robust, high-tech start-up sector. The divergent paths these two states have taken are the direct result of political choices they have made. PragerU’s Will Witt explains.

Sen. Cruz Will Argue PA. Case

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will argue the Pennsylvania mail-in ballot case for the Trump Administration should it reach the United States Supreme Court. Cruz, a strong ally of the administration, has pushed for the Supreme Court’s involvement in the Pennsylvania case since the fraudulent findings of the last few months.

Says Cruz, “Petitioners’ legal team has asked me whether I would be willing to argue the case before the Supreme Court, if the court grants certiorari. I have agreed and told them that if the takes the appeal, I will stand ready to present the oral argument.” This would be nothing new for Cruz, who served as solicitor general for the State of Texas and has made nine appearances before the Supreme Court.

Here’s more from Fox News reporter Mike Emmanuel.

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