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Here Comes WuFlu Stimulus

The U.S. House has passed a Wuflu stimulus bill. We’re supposed to be cheering because they’re going to give us $600 per family to get through the pandemic. But, of course, the out-spend-em’and-weep Democrats have padded the bill with millions upon millions of dollars, even sending tons of cash to Asia. Will our children ever be able to catch up to this nonsense? Nope, and these jackasses know it. But they figure they have the White House over a barrel now, and the Republicans are sure acting like that’s the case. More from The Salty Cracker.

Mark Dice explains why the Democrats waited until after the election — and just before Christmas — to push their wretched stimulus bill.

If you doubted that the U.S. Congress is packed full of charlatans, running scams on the American public, just examine the fine print in the coronavirus stimulus bill. The list of proposed spending packages includes $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan, not to mention $135 million for Burma and $130 million for Nepal. The Democrats and Republicans behind this bill should not only be defeated. They should be shellacked. More from Tim Pool.

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