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Red Flags Deserve Inquiry

There have been thousands of witnesses, declarations, affidavits, videos and sworn statements  regarding the outright fraud that consumed the general election, yet the corrupt media and Deep State claim they have all been debunked by the courts. Not true. What they don’t tell you is that there’s been no opportunity for these witnesses to present their evidence in court.

More importantly, says Martin Brodel, there’s been no way to collect evidence of alleged fraud through the usual channels of criminal inquiry, such as subpoenas or depositions. That being said, there are eight red flags from the election-night debacle that deserve enhanced inquiry: ballots allegedly trucked across state lines, subtracted votes, vote-count pauses, the alleged water pipe break in Fulton County, Ga., blocked observation, voting machines, mail-in ballots and backdoor ballots.

Here’s more from Brodel on the fallout from the election, plus he provides updates on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus pandemic lies, the outrage over the release of Daniel Pearl’s murderer by the Pakistanis and the looming “big event” and probable chaos surrounding the final stage of Trump’s final move to set the record straight.

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