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Corrupt FBI Can’t Be Saved

Jim Hoft, founder of Gateway Pundit, tells the Pete Santilli podcast that the FBI has lost all credibility and cannot be saved.

He says the daily mantra from pundits that the corruption can be traced to a few bad apples is a distraction. “If there’s all these honest individuals in the FBI, I think it’s about time that a few of them stood up and spoke out about what’s happening there,” he says. Here’s more with Hoft, including the sham that was the Covid vaccines.

Uncovering Vegas Cover-Up

Investigative journalist Mindy Robinson unravels the deceit, lies and massive cover-up surrounding the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nev.

Nearly four and one-half years after the massacre, in which 59 concert-goers were shot to death, local and federal law enforcement, bolstered by the fake news media, have stuck to the narrative of one shooter, Stephen Paddock, who was allegedly holed up on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, which was situated across the street from the concert venue.

In the following piece, courtesy of Wardo Rants, Robinson features undisputable eye-witness testimony and video evidence, and documented 911 calls that there was more than one shooter, and there were multiple incidents at other nearby locations along The Strip. Several concert-goers said they witnessed gunfire from a helicopter, which was traveling out-of-control near Mandalay Bay and the adjacent Delano Hotel. And yet more eyewitnesses swore there was gunfire coming from the opposite direction of the Mandalay Bay. Here’s Robinson’s report.

Epic Booms, Bombs And Comms

President Trump continued his tour across the country, visiting patriots in Des Moines, Iowa, over the weekend and doubling on how corrupt the elections were and that we are, indeed, the enemy of the media, big tech and big money.

Christian Patriot News reports that Trump not only confirmed two- and three-year delta comms from Q during the rally, but proved beyond any doubt that he is Q+ and that the future proves the past. CPN brings us more, including how the corrupt media is using fake news to discredit Q and the Anons.

Lindell: SCOTUS Will Hear Case

Mike Lindell doubled down on his earlier statements that the 2020 election fraud case will indeed be heard by the Supreme Court. Lindell says he’s approached most of the states with evidence that the Presidential election was stolen from President Trump and hopes to have it before SCOTUS before Thanksgiving. “That’s set in stone,” he says.

Appearing with host Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice, Lindell says he’s already being attacked by the corrupt media, but vows to remain silent to avoid any preemptive attacks on the states involved. Here’s more with Lindell and Bannon.

Red Flags Deserve Inquiry

There have been thousands of witnesses, declarations, affidavits, videos and sworn statements¬† regarding the outright fraud that consumed the general election, yet the corrupt media and Deep State claim they have all been debunked by the courts. Not true. What they don’t tell you is that there’s been no opportunity for these witnesses to present their evidence in court.

More importantly, says Martin Brodel, there’s been no way to collect evidence of alleged fraud through the usual channels of criminal inquiry, such as subpoenas or depositions. That being said, there are eight red flags from the election-night debacle that deserve enhanced inquiry: ballots allegedly trucked across state lines, subtracted votes, vote-count pauses, the alleged water pipe break in Fulton County, Ga., blocked observation, voting machines, mail-in ballots and backdoor ballots.

Here’s more from Brodel on the fallout from the election, plus he provides updates on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus pandemic lies, the outrage over the release of Daniel Pearl’s murderer by the Pakistanis and the looming “big event” and probable chaos surrounding the final stage of Trump’s final move to set the record straight.

D’Souza: We Need A New Media

The media has reached such a zenith of dishonesty that they are now pretending they have already gotten rid of Donald Trump. The most egregious example of its duplicity comes from social media giant Facebook, who changed President Trump’s page, no longer calling him the President of the United States but a political candidate.

This drew the ire of conservative political commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who says, “This is flat-out misinformation. Trump is the President now, he’ll remain the President. What you have here is the sheer hutzpah, the dishonest hutzpah of the media, including digital media.”

It’s a path the mainstream and digital media have traveled heavily during the Trump Administration and one that cannot sustain itself going forward. “We’ve come to a sorry pass in American politics and we’ve got to think hard about how we go forward,” D’Souza says. “We’re not going to be able to do it with the media we have. We really need a new media.” Here’s more with D’Souza.

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Stay the Course

Joe Dan Gorman has served notice in his final Intellectual Froglegs video blog of 2013: He isn’t letting up on the corrupt, elite, mainstream media nor the radical lefties in 2014. In this 2013 finale, Gorman touches on how the media is pushing the gay agenda, Phil Robertson, intelligent design, Christian moral values and a bunch of common sense. Tune in as Joe Dan paves a conservative path into the new year.

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