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Red Flags Deserve Inquiry

There have been thousands of witnesses, declarations, affidavits, videos and sworn statements¬† regarding the outright fraud that consumed the general election, yet the corrupt media and Deep State claim they have all been debunked by the courts. Not true. What they don’t tell you is that there’s been no opportunity for these witnesses to present their evidence in court.

More importantly, says Martin Brodel, there’s been no way to collect evidence of alleged fraud through the usual channels of criminal inquiry, such as subpoenas or depositions. That being said, there are eight red flags from the election-night debacle that deserve enhanced inquiry: ballots allegedly trucked across state lines, subtracted votes, vote-count pauses, the alleged water pipe break in Fulton County, Ga., blocked observation, voting machines, mail-in ballots and backdoor ballots.

Here’s more from Brodel on the fallout from the election, plus he provides updates on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus pandemic lies, the outrage over the release of Daniel Pearl’s murderer by the Pakistanis and the looming “big event” and probable chaos surrounding the final stage of Trump’s final move to set the record straight.

The Swamp Accepts Corruption

When the dust settles on the 2020 Presidential election, The Swamp, aka the Deep State, will have no problem accepting the corruption that came along with it, especially if Joe Biden wins the White House.

It’s happened before, in the 1960 Presidential election, when Richard Nixon beat John F. Kennedy. The mob inserted itself into the fray and JFK escaped with the victory. “Kennedy lost,” says Bill O’Reilly. “That was never investigated, because the press loved JFK. And we never got to the bottom of it.” He details the mob’s shenanigans in his the most recent book in the “Killing Series,” Killing the Mob.

Fast forward to 2020 and O’Reilly fears the same outcome. He explains in this episode of The First.

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CNN Fears Shadow Government

CNN Runs UNHINGED Show Claiming Trump Will Form Shadow Government, Another Says The US Is Decoupling. Guests claimed Trump was committing sedition in his efforts to challenge the election and find an electoral college victory.

In another segment the CEO of Axios said that he fears America is decoupling and there will be “two Americas” as people flee to echo chambers that support their worldview.

The hilarious paradox is that CNN proves these claims by being the unhinged network pushes fake news to the masses. As Democrats reel over a crushing defeat and Republicans are furious over investigated claims surrounding the election it seems everyone is getting fed up with the system. More from Tim Pool.

Meanwhile, as Fox News ratings continue to crater, we now are seeing Liberal mainstream media outlets defending the crumbling network. Also, Tucker Carlson is backtracking from his claims that the 2020 election was fair and impartial. As Fox ratings collapse, Carlson says the election “was rigged against Trump in plain view” and bemoans “untrustworthy” voting machines. Sounds like he’s been reading Call Me Stormy posts, or similar feedback from many Republicans who are fed up with the corrupt election and the blatant cheating done by the Democrats in key battleground states. More from Tim Pool.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: In the hours since these posts, YouTube has now moved to suspend the One America News network on YouTube’s social media platform. It’s not clear yet if this is a temporary suspension or a long-term ban, but YouTube apparently is pushing farther to the Left. Not so smart, considering they are disenfranchising a majority of the population. Only one-fourth or so of the public identifies themselves as Liberals. That number will continue to dwindle as the Left becomes loonier and more censor-prone, emulating the goons at YouTube.)

How Democrats Stole Election

This early edition of Insider Insight was made public due to the significance of the information contained in this interview and subscriber request. In this must-listen edition of Insider Insight, Dr. Dave Janda talks with Patrick Byrne about the mechanics of the 2020 election. More from Dave Janda on Operation Freedom.

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The technique used by the Democrats was called “the Drop and Roll.” How did it work? Here’s a quick explanation from The Gateway Pundit.

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Juan O’Savin and VGuerrilla share a conversation called The Kraken & Panic In The D.C. The focus: The massive fraud that the Democrats tried to pull off, and how will it be revealed? There’s discussion about the length of time it will take to expose all of the intricacies of this election crime. Also, how many foreign players tried to work with the Democrats to sandbag America? The long and short of it: We have a major fight on our hands, but Americans are making it clear: We will not be silent! We will not be tread upon! We will not go down without fighting the cheaters and every last one of their allies if that’s what it takes to preserve our country, our freedoms, our heritage and our way of life.

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Articia Bomer served as a poll watcher for the Republican Party in Detroit, Michigan. She gives testimony of the fraud she witnessed first-hand. She says Democrats counted spoiled ballots for Joe Biden and tampered with the voting machines at the Cobo Center, now known officially at the TCF Center, the downtown convention center in Detroit, Michigan.

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Republicans are starting to wise up. At least the Republican voters who supported President Donald Trump are now angry and seeking justice. Lo to the Republican candidates who are neglecting or undermining the will of these voters. Vincent James of The Red Elephants says these Republican office holders are terrified, as they realize the walls could come crashing down all around them.

Voter Fraud Out Of Control

From uber liberal California to progressive Pennsylvania and ultra-Left New York, overwhelming evidence is mounting for mail-in voter fraud.

Blaze TV’s Pat Gray says the chaos is out of control. For instance, in New York City 100,000 voters received ballots with wrong names and addresses; 400,000 ballots in California were sent to voters who moved out of state or died; a judge was charged with ballot tampering in Allentown, Pa.; hundreds of ballots were found in the trash in New Jersey; and a Joe Biden donor group sent out 225,000 ballot requests, including for dead people.

Good grief! So how much evidence is enough? Gray breaks down all the facts on why universal, mail-in voting is a problem and gives us more examples of corruption.

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