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Birth Of A New Nation

The patriots have now moved the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media into position. Everything is about to change. This is not just about a 4-year election. It is about taking back the country, breaking the illusion and allowing the people to once again to see clearly. This has been planned out and Trump and the patriots are leading the [Deep State] to exactly where they want them to be. Durham is on deck. This is checkmate. It has to be done correctly. We only have one shot at this. What is about to unfold will be earth shattering. More from the X22 Report.

Make no mistake about it. This has been a rough climb, but we will not be surrendering the mountaintop. Joe Biden will not be declared President. His thievery and crookery will soon catch up with him. He not only will be blocked from ascending to the White House, but the depths of his crimes will sink his ambitions and sandbag his allies.

Not only is there a comeuppance awaiting the creepy Democrats but also the arrogant Globalists who tried to foist Biden upon us in the first place. Look for a divine retribution to fall down upon the heads of the Leftists who worked to destroy America. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, every member of that cadre of smarmy, corrupt, elite crooks, will be cast down. They can run but they can not hide. More from And We Know.

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