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Milking The System

Like many of the supply-chain shortages, the baby-formula predicament appears to be a government-manipulated crises, starring Bill Gates in a major role.

National File’s Patrick Howley tells The Stew Peters Show that the Biden Administration’s FDA shut down the Sturgis, Mich., Abbott Laboratories plant, which produces a lot of baby formula, three months ago because of a faux bacterial infection that the company denies. Enter Gates and his investor fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, that poured $3.5 million into Bio-Milk, which makes artificial breast milk.

How convenient. And guess who’s on the board of Breakthrough Energy?–Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson. Here’s more from Stew Peters.

Zuckerberg: First Arrest?

Will Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms, be one of the first arrests? McAllister TV speculates as news continues to percolate regarding John Durham’s sweeping probe into federal corruption?

The “white hats” are already showing signs of control with slow disclosure now in progress, McAllister TV asserts. For instance, former President Donald Trump’s rally in Nebraska was carried live on YouTube. This is a stark contrast from recent Trump rallies that had been banned by YouTube.

McAllister TV offers decodes from the Nebraska rally and also takes a look at former President Barack Obama. Was he involved in criminal shenanigans at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles? What happened with Wendy?

The Power Is In Your Hands

As Facebook transforms into the Metaverse, what are the implications for the future and how we communicate and entertain ourselves? Is Mark Zuckerberg paving the way for fantasies or a barbaric dystopia? How about Zuckerberg himself? Is he really a human being or just some sort of a bizarre cyborg? More from Mouthy Buddha.

Major Misconduct In Wisconsin

State-appointed Special Counsel Michael Gableman, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, submitted a 136-page report, listing acts ranging from the questionable to the criminal. Gableman says he is not recommending decertification of the 2020 Presidential election results in Wisconsin, but notes it could be justified. Restored Republic has the story.

Zuckerberg In Heap Of Trouble

Blessed to Teach host Rick Rene reports a Wisconsin-appointed special counsel has found that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg violated state election bribery laws. Citing an article in The Federalist, Rene says nearly $9 million in Zuckerberg grant funds directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin violated the election code’s prohibition on bribery.

The revelation was just one of many troubling findings by the special counsel. Rene elaborates on the story and also reports on the expected resignation of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Danger In The Metaverse

WhatsHerFace says when Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg announced the Metaverse, everyone first thought was what will go wrong first? But would you have guessed … everything?

These social media giants have their own special version of the Midas touch, where instead of everything they touch turning to gold, it all turns to shit. Not only does that apply to reality, but now it applies to our virtual reality, too. WhatsHerFace gives us her hilarious take about an English woman’s surreal journey through the Metaverse.

Oligarchs On Borrowed Time

Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report with some PhD level analysis of geopolitical events, including the recent goings on in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The oligarchs — the same companies and rich fat cats who supported the Nazis and Fascists of WWII — are on borrowed time. They are growing desperate to retain their power as more people have become wise to these evil creeps.


Wisconsin Probe Proceeds

A review of the 2020 Wisconsin Presidential election results can move forward after Dane County Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Langford refused to block subpoenas in the dispute. The subpoenas were issued by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who was tasked to look into possible allegations of fraud by Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Democrat AG Josh Kaul sued to halt Gableman’s probe into the election, but was shot down by Langford. Among the allegations of fraud being reviewed by Gableman is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s influence on the vote. A separate review found that Zuckerberg funded a $420 million outreach to a voter campaign that generated enough votes to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Here’s more from Restored Republic.

Netflix Spreads The Truth

It is from Netflix and called Inside Job. I don’t have Netflix. I don’t even have television so I don’t have to avoid this kind of garbage but this was brought to my attention so here it is. An interesting thing to find out there in fake TV land. Make of it what you will. More from Jim Crenshaw.


Facebook’s Role In Jan. 6 Siege

Gary Franchi reports that Facebook is coming under fire for the role it played in last year’s siege on the Capitol.  Sourcing the Washington Post and Pro Publica, Franchi says Facebook became a public breeding ground for disgruntled voters, who chose the social media giant to organize, following a barrage of pro-Trump posts regarding the Jan. 6 siege.

Franchi says Facebook executives have downplayed Facebook’s role in the attack and have resisted calls for an internal probe. Here’s the rest of the story from Franchi on Next News Network.

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