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Media Lying About COVID Crisis

The mainstream media continues to spread COVID-19 fear, reporting that hospitals in the United States, England and across the planet are overrun with coronavirus patients, medical staff working tirelessly around the clock and ERs in chaos, resembling war zones. The truth is, hospital wards and corridors are practically empty, staffing is minimal and there is no chaos.

While English officials imposed high-level lockdowns throughout the country, what an English TV reporter found at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the United Kingdom was shocking–empty corridors, lobbies and waiting rooms and not a nurse or doctor in sight. And to think that all the people with real ailments across the country are being denied treatment. “Honestly, this is making me so angry walking around here,” the reporter says.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., claims of genocide are rampant. Nicole Sirotek, a nurse from Elko, Nevada, currently working in New York City-area hospitals, says,  “I am only telling you that they’re murdering these people and no one will listen to me. I’m not a doctor, but when you release someone with a heartbeat of 40 and a stable rhythm, and you kill them, that’s murder. They don’t care what is happening to these people.”

And in Charlotte, N.C., Dr. Rashid Buttar, an osteopathic physician, says the financial incentive for doctors and hospitals to fiddle with the numbers is a major problem. “Every time a person is put on a respirator–it doesn’t matter whether they need it or not– that state gets $39,000 in renumeration from the federal government,” he says. “Every time somebody has a COVID-19 diagnosis, the hospital in that state gets another $17,000.” Tune in to more eyewitness accouts and detail from truthhunter789.

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