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Forced Vaccines Were Planned

The rollout of the coronavirus vaccines was not only coercive, but also part of an evil agenda based on a preplanned event that many of us have been victimized by in the last year. The plan, played out in plain sight, called for vaccines to become mandatory, while martial law was declared in multiple countries.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that pro-vaccine protagonists Pope Francis and Bill Gates defended the plan. Pope Francis called for the mark of the beast, saying the vaccinations are an ethical obligation and claims that not taking the shot is suicide. And, Sigurdson says, evidence has surfaced from a December 2019 article in that Bill Gates of Microsoft fame was already working on patents for mandatory vaccines and vaccination tattoos.

Sigurdson also updates Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie’s efforts to uncover the truth surrounding the origin of the virus and whether it was actually created in a lab.

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