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Martial Law Is Imminent

Texas Pastor Wade McKinney warns that the storm is upon us and martial law is imminent. “I’m getting that from every source I have,” McKinney says. “And when I say imminently, I mean in two or three days we are going to see martial law declared. On what level or what degree … whatever they have to do to bring things into a corrective mode.”

McKinney says the FCC already posted a letter warning all media outlets that they must report whatever the President releases or face the probability of losing their broadcast licenses. He added the shutdown will not last more than 30 days and there will be a “house cleaning,” mostly of corrupt government officials.

The event has been in the planning stages a long time in light of the Deep State corruption across the globe, including its interference and manipulation of the Presidential election. McKinney advises everyone to prepare accordingly by stocking up on essentials,  such as food, gas and extra cash.  Here’s more from TruthVideos 1984.

Here’s a primer on the Insurrection Act, martial law and the power President Trump has in order to control order. The video is courtesy of USA Today.


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