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It’s Kill Time

If case you haven’t noticed, 20,000 armed National Guard troops have descended on Washington, D.C., an anomaly, to say the least, since fake President-elect Joe Biden would have probably been inaugurated in a studio, in front of a green screen. So why all the troops in D.C.? Because it go-time for Team Trump. This is not a TV show, nor a Hollywood script. It’s kill time!

Meanwhile, across the pond, the Italian government is collapsing, it’s rumored that Pope Francis has been arrested and authorities have raided the Leonardo company that provided the satellite used by the Deep State to steal the election, proof-positive that major events are underway. Says Martin Brodel, “What happens now if Trump and his people walk away? Well, their dead. So does it even make any sense that they come all this way, set up a sting operation and just walk away? The only thing that makes any sense, is that they’re going to pull the plug on this rotten group.”

True to his nature, President Trump is in it to win it. There are two groups here that will fight to the end, but only one will survive. Brodel also reports that the Marine Corp rejected Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request for 5,000 troops to safeguard the Biden inauguration, how RINOs continue to be exposed in D.C. and the surprising tenacity of freshman Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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