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Slow Boil Of Our Civil Rights

Amazingly, we are approaching one year since the invasion of the cruel COVID-19 pandemic. And through those 12 months, we have suffered through shutdowns, stay-at-home restrictions, mask mandates and collapsed economies, not to mention the incursion on our civil rights.

But after courageously sacrificing a few weeks here and more days there for the common good, have matters gotten any better? The answer is a resounding NO. Viva Frei host David Freiheit puts it all in perspective: “Nearly a year later, we have basically been stripped and deprived of a lot of our basic chartered, guaranteed rights. The right to peaceable assembly, the right to freedom of association, freedom of enjoyment of our own property. And the more it goes on, the more the violations.”

What it all amounts to is a slow boil of our civil rights. When will it all end? Here’s more of Freiheit’s pertinent message.

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