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Zuckerberg’s Lame Defense

Project Veritas releases its full-length, internal Facebook Q & A, where CEO Mark Zuckerberg pontificates on why everything is so peachy keen with Joe Biden in the White House. Of course, Zuckerberg ought to be happy — he practically bought the White House for Biden and sold President Donald Trump down the river.

Not only did Zuckerberg spend $500 million for the Democratic Party’s war chest, but he and his Big Tech cronies including former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey of Twitter, enforced blatant censorship against Trump and Trump’s supporters.

We’ve never seen a more callous, deceitful and un-American bunch running this country’s major corporations, and especially, controlling our social media platforms. In a just world, every one of these clowns would face imprisonment for their heinous crimes.

Are they ever going to do time? Maybe if the full extent of the pedophilia they have protected becomes known. But more likely, these douchebags will escape, like so many other crooks ensconced in financial circles within the United States.

Still, if enough of us drop Twitter and Facebook, and begin to use less onerous platforms not run by flaming asshole Leftists, we can drive these creeps from power or at least give them valid competition. It’s time to get it done before they completely destroy the United States and our Bill of Rights.



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