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Gates Arrested, Rice Executed

Dilara Esengil, Part 1. Disclosure is here! Ashli Babbitt, actress? HCQ chemtrails! Hollywood White Hats! Vax rage! Gates: Human trafficking! Watch the water! Our near-death experiences! Tribunals happening! Military is in control! Is Real Raw News a military channel, providing disclosure to the public? More from McAllister TV.

The latest bombshell from Real Raw News says Susan Rice, who served as National Security Advisor for President Barack Obama, has been hung after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, found her guilty of treason. The hanging took place this past Wednesday, August 4.

Rice had maintained a stoic silence during her military tribunal, but spent her last few days in captivity in tears. The military had pressed her to incriminate her former boss Obama, but she refused, following the same path as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, both executed earlier this year.

“Obama’s hold on these people is remarkable,” our source said. “Rice wouldn’t give him up. Podesta wouldn’t give him up. The Clintons wouldn’t give him up. But that’s not stopping JAG (the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps) from pursuing its case against him, and it’s only a matter of time before Obama shares a similar fate,” our source said.

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3 thoughts on “Gates Arrested, Rice Executed

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    Please post these two videos on your blog.

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    Brian is an ally of W-W-G-1-W-G-A. Infowars is blocking my emails and I have proof of this, and Infowars has permanently betrayed Brian Hill. He is all Q now, he needs your help to get the word out, two videos prove this man’s innocence and that he was tortured while in Federal Jails. It is all proven.

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    God bless you,
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    Stanley Bolten

    • Thanks, Stamley, for your email. We direct our readers to your website to learn about the case of Brian D. Hill and how the federal government is treating him and trying to censor USWGO Alt News.

      • Thank you. God bless you. Your email address isn’t working. I’m glad you did see this. YouTube really dropped the views on the torture video to around 16,000 area last time I checked. They are scared and want to bury this video. You have the hard evidence which can be accessible on my blog with the forensic screenshots.

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