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Red Lines Will Be Crossed

Trump and the patriots are continually pushing the facts and truth out to the public. Trump says the facts are coming out so fast it’s like the fast and the furious. The election fraud is going to be seen in each state and people are going to realize that this is not a glitch. The [Deep State] is preparing to make their move when the truth comes out. It is timed perfectly with the great reset. Prepare for zero day. The patriots know the playbook. Red lines will be crossed and countermeasures are in place. More from the X22 Report.

Cuomo Faces Sex Charges

HUGE episode today! Andrew Cuomo spirals as new allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerge. A former child actress, Mara Wilson, addresses sexualization of kids by the media and Hollywood. We cover the four steps of Marxist takeover happening now in America. We reveal the Rothschild Covid connection from 2015. Democrats are coming for Joe Biden and the nuclear codes. Former Capitol Police Chief reveals the truth about the attack on the 6th and Bill Gates gives financial advice we WILL NOT LISTEN TO! More from RedPill78.

The Fed’s payment system charges. How has GameStop again entered the news? Tucker Carlson sets the Internet on fire with his Q comments. Joe Biden mocks the “bleach,” former President Donald Trump’s comments about treating coronavirus with hydroxycholroquine. Of course, Biden’s the one who has reopened a migrant center to put kids in cages! Is disinformation the new “bogeyman” these days? More from Jordan Sather on the latest Accordin’ To Jordan.

The Q comms continue to disclose amazing facts! This is about protecting the children. We will win! Pray! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are making Trump more and more powerful with the people. Everything they have tried is now backfiring. Trump and the patriots already knew their playbook. 25th Amendment narrative is now going to be pushed. Democrats trying to get the nuclear launch codes. NSA tracking, Trump knew he always knew. More from the X22 Report.


Muppets Bad, Porn Good

In an astonishing move, Disney is forcing viewers to agree to a legal disclaimer before allowing them to watch any episode of the iconic Muppet Show, citing the program as being ‘harmful’ and ‘offensive’ due to racial insensitivity. Yet, Disney has no issues putting pornographic images and subliminal messages in their movies and television shows, as well as sexualizing and abusing their own young talent.

Tonight, we examine the sordid history of Walt Disney and present evidence that their stars have been sexually abused. Plus…Ronnie McMullen discusses COVID-19, vaccines, the economy and chemtrails. And…we’ll tell you where you can legally obtain hydroxychloroquine without leaving your home. Leave the world you think you know behind and join David Zublick at the Dark Outpost!


Assange Requests Pardon!

Julian Assange has officially asked for a pardon. The Michigan State Legislature has subpoenaed voting evidence in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Dominion whistleblower Melissa Carone watched the Dominion CEO testimony and states she has evidence he lied. New info and connections on SolarWinds, The Pentagon shut down their SIPRNET today. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being sued for tampering in our election and a Democrat official indicted for brandishing a knife at a pregnant Trump supporter. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are panicking. They announced that all 50 states certified the elections but [Kamala Harris] still has not resigned from the Senate. Why? The evidence is now being produced and audits are being done. The results are coming in and there is election fraud. Project Veritas released a recording of Julian Assange. The patriots have the source. Everything is now building upon each other.The American Medical Association admitted that there was no reason to keep hydroxychloroquine from the people. Class action lawsuits can be very effective. More from the X22 Report.

The trap was set in 2018. Patriots are in place at the highest levels. Now comes justice for those who have committed high treason against the United States of America. President Donald Trump said he would never let us down. And he won’t. Make no mistake, our nation is at war. Wayne Jett, author of Fruits of Graft, returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest.

Did Hillary Clinton accept an $18 million bribe in 2016 that was part of an FBI sting operation that never went anywhere? That’s what Patrick Byrne says happened. He’s the former CEO of Overstock who has been much in the news lately discussing election fraud. And now, he’s sharing details of the Clinton bribe from four years ago. McAllister TV leads with that incident in a new video that also touches upon all of the Julian Assange talk plus a Christmas decode and Watergate attorney Ken Starr’s analysis that Pennsylvania violated election laws.

Amazing courage is being displayed throughout the country! The Stealth Bomber is coming in for a landing! Trump’s campaign insists election challenges “are not over.” More from And We Know.

Humanity’s Greatest Mistake

Conservative media legend and PragerU founder, Dennis Prager, says the COVID-19 lockdowns will go down in history as humanity’s greatest mistake. And with Draconian measures still lingering in many states, Prager believes it has crossed over into criminal. Prager says social media has shut down doctors and epidemiologists, who are speaking the obvious truth about the coronavirus and potential lifesaving cures, such as hydroxychloroquine. “This is one of the scandals of my lifetime,” he says. He makes his case on Blaze TV’s “Glenn Beck Show.”

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Trump Zeroes In On Big Pharma

The Deep State and mainstream media are panicking more than ever before. Their carefully planned events to throw the country into chaos and eventually get rid of President Trump have gone awry. Simply said, the patriots are in full control.

In the latest salvo from the good guys, President Trump is setting his sights on Big Pharma and the FDA, not only aiming to lower drug prices but hopefully to push approval of therapeutics for COVID-19 and looking into cures for other maladies, such as cancer. X22 Report is inferring that the president might go a bit further in his 6 p.m. Sunday presser and drop a bombshell, possibly announcing the FDA approval of hydroxychloroquine. X22 Report also updates the mail-in voting controversy, John Brennan’s meeting with U.S. Attorney John Durham and the fake news surrounding the violent protests across the nation.

BREAKING NEWS: In a surprise announcement Sunday at his 6 p.m. press conference, President Trump said the FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma to treat patients stricken by the coronavirus, calling it an “historic breakthrough.”

Trump said the treatment, involving blood plasma donated by recovered Covid-19 patients, will be expanded under an emergency authorization by U.S. regulators to save countless lives. “This is what I’ve been looking to do for a long time,” Trump said at the White House press conference, adding that the decision will dramatically expand access to a powerful therapy. Trump said the emergency procedure speeded up the normal approval route by two or three years.

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Enemy Is Being Exposed

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now being trapped. People are waking up around the world. They are reaching the point that they want change. The people are now waking up about what’s been happening with the children. Ghislaine Maxwell documents were released and it’s all falling apart for the elite. They are being exposed. Something big is about to drop. The enemy is now being exposed to the world. More from the X22 Report.

Destroying the Illusion jumps in with an update on Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton and the latest Jeffrey Epstein revelations. Also, what’s up with he worldwide rallies against coronavirus restrictions. In this edition, done live, Jordan Sather also discusses Fauci, hydroxychloroquine, TikTok, the latest online censorship, UFOs and Q News.

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Bombshell! This one document explains exactly why the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Rodham Clinton created the Russian hoax. Also: More on China, Joe Biden and stimulus possibilities from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Welcome to the Revolution! CRROW777 and Clive de Carle join SGTReport to discuss the war for the soul of humanity, the cards the cabal have played and the cards they will likely play soon as they try to regain power over the people. But as CRROW explains, people are catching on quickly, the awakening is real, and all is not lost.

Was Herman Cain Murdered?

It has been established that many of the tests are contaminated and that most of the positives are false. It has also been established that medical malpractice abounds under the criminal oversight of the CDC — going to a hospital is a death sentence. I communicated this to Cain’s staff at the same time that I communicated the known effective cures.

We should all be asking for an autopsy and full investigation into the precise nature of how Herman Cain was treated in the hospital. It could be a case study that buries the CDC and elevates the known effective treatment banned by CDC to a new national standard.

Somewhere in here the President has to roll out the 500 doctors and all the studies challenging CDC lies, and mandate a new national treatment standard. As State of the Nation has reported recently, every politician “in the know” is taking hydrochloroquine.

There is also the matter of holding the media accountable for lying to the public.

This reflection of mine is in theory protected by the Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship as signed 28 May 2020. More from Robert David Steele, former CIA officer, now a leader of the political activist group called UNRIG.

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Deep State Trap Now Set!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media narrative for the first event is now falling apart and they are trying to stop the truth from coming out. The trap is now set and all [DS] parties just fell right into it. AG William Barr testified in front of congress today and it was a disaster for the Democrats. They did not let him answer any questions, but from what they were saying and their actions it shows that they are panicking. Bill Barr released nuggets of info today, Boom. More from the X22 Report.

Thank heavens for the fact checkers at Facebook, Twitter and Youtube because without them. we may have some form of diversity of thought or opinion. Whatever you do, DO NOT RESEARCH THE TREATMENT described in the first segment. They swear it’s bad!

Bill Barr testified today and it was a unique form of sh*t show. Zuckerberg has been referred. Also, here’s an update on the you know who Lives Matter money that’s going straight to S0r0s now! More from RedPill78.

Why did Attorney General William Barr make this face in today’s hearing for the House Judiciary Committee? What made the chairman of the committee, Jerry Nadler, squirm like a guilty crook? More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Just how crazy and how big a lunatics have the Democrats become? JustInformed Talk gets into the world the Democrats occupy: Neo-Marxist insurrection and riot politics. This is not exactly a place designed to appeal to the majority of Americans. Look for the Democrats to get their butts kicked in 2020, before they regroup and try to regain some moderate ground.

The travesty “impeachment” hearing on William Barr shows the desperation on the other side. They really are deluded to they think this strategy is working! More from Lori Colley.

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Doctors Blast Fear Of Covid-19

As I’ve said over and over, suppressing the good news about Hydroxychloroquine is THE most important exploit of the coup détat against President Trump. Why? Because if there is an effective cure – there is no more fear. And if that cure also can prevent you from getting COVID 19 at all, there are no masks, no social distancing, no lockdowns, kids back in school, and the federal government can focus on going after the revolutionaries trying to literally destroy America as we have known it. That’s how important a cure or better yet, a preventative agent is.

Today, concerned physicians who have loads of experience treating patients on the ground met in Washington, D.C. to bring this good news to the people of this nation: There is a cure! Here are just two of the doctors who spoke today. DO NOT MISS THE SECOND ONE!!! More from Bill Still.


Here is the full press conference on COVID-19 by the doctors. YouTube has already deleted multiple versions of the event as Google continues to censor the truth and attempt to steer the election toward the Democrats by smearing President Donald Trump and everything he stands for, including hydroxychloroquine. So with YouTube fulfilling their roles as Leftist censors, we present the Bitchute video.


Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube are now your doctors. They do not want you to hear from actual doctors. These social media platforms will censor anyone  — and everyone — who stands in their way. What are these platforms trying to protect? You’ve got it. The Democrats. Leftist protesters. Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Pedophiles.  All the same usual bag of dirty players and degenerate skunks. More from We Are Change.











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