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Manipulating The Weather

Podcaster Dane Calloway says he always suspected the weather was being manipulated. Witnessing abnormal chemtrails and eerie sounds in the atmosphere led him to some due diligence on his own.

What he found was documentation of more than 100 weather-manipulation patents held by the U.S. government, dating back to the late 19th century. He concluded that none of this was happening by accident, but had been in the works for centuries and is still prevalent today.

The following video, courtesy of the Dane Calloway channel, takes a deeper look at weather manipulation, the poisonous chemtrails and a cryptic message from Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, of the Massachusetts School of Law in 2010, who said the U.S. Air Force is on record saying they want to control the weather by 2025. Here’s the report.

Are We In Constructed Reality?

Jim Crenshaw says people assume it’s the year 2021, but how do we know? Everywhere you go–on your phone, your computer–it’s 2021. But if you pay attention to the details, he says, something is wrong with this picture.

“It’s not just the scamdemic, the vaccines or the chemtrails,” Crenshaw says. “But there’s serious glitches in the matrix, clones on TV, weird technology that seem out of place. What if everything’s a simulation?” In the following video, Crenshaw makes his case that we’re living in a constructed reality, a matrix. Here’s more, and please judge the content for yourself.

Fall Of The Cabal: Part 16

The Era of Depopulation is the title of this sequel to The Fall Of The Cabal, Part 16. The video covers the Truth behind Chemtrails and Electrosmog. More from Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter.

Gates Arrested, Rice Executed

Dilara Esengil, Part 1. Disclosure is here! Ashli Babbitt, actress? HCQ chemtrails! Hollywood White Hats! Vax rage! Gates: Human trafficking! Watch the water! Our near-death experiences! Tribunals happening! Military is in control! Is Real Raw News a military channel, providing disclosure to the public? More from McAllister TV.

The latest bombshell from Real Raw News says Susan Rice, who served as National Security Advisor for President Barack Obama, has been hung after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, found her guilty of treason. The hanging took place this past Wednesday, August 4.

Rice had maintained a stoic silence during her military tribunal, but spent her last few days in captivity in tears. The military had pressed her to incriminate her former boss Obama, but she refused, following the same path as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, both executed earlier this year.

“Obama’s hold on these people is remarkable,” our source said. “Rice wouldn’t give him up. Podesta wouldn’t give him up. The Clintons wouldn’t give him up. But that’s not stopping JAG (the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps) from pursuing its case against him, and it’s only a matter of time before Obama shares a similar fate,” our source said.

“Hello” Woo: Slave Chatter

Much evidence within languages all across the globe suggests humans were created by aliens, whom we have come to know as gods. They are our creators and we their slaves. We know them as the elohim, a Jewish term from which the word “hello” as well as the word “aloha,” are derived.

Religious dogma as well as creation myths globally also bear out: While they might be absent nowadays, we expect these gods to return. Will they still be our gods, or will we have to fight them the next go-round?

These are questions clif_high asks, and tries to answer in his latest video, another Explorers’ Guide to the SciFi World. It’s an intriguing subject, ripe for further thought and exploration.

But there’s more of urgency here, including Joe Biden’s push for a holodomor, or great famine, by cutting off water supplies to farms and ranches in California, Oregon and Washington states. Just how much death and destruction do these dumbass Democrats hope to create? Just how morbid and satanic and retarded are they?

Also, what are the chemtrails now visible on the moon? Is a war occurring on the lunar surface that the chemtrails are designed to hide? Are these chemtrails themselves part of the war machine?

Assembling The Kill Grid

As millions across the world are getting vaccinated with the mRNA experimental drugs, side effects are on the rise, not only with the people getting vaccinated but also the unvaccinated. Is it the spike proteins that are doing it? Is it the radiation from 5G, or the build-up of nano-size aluminum in our bodies from the falling chemtrails that fill our skies?

The big question looming is: Could these shots alone kill us over time? There are so many unanswered questions, but it’s crickets out there. We seem to be on our own, in the middle of an unknown and dangerous experiment, while each day new variables are being introduced as we assemble, and begin to understand the connection between the vaccines, 5G, and metals in our bodies. Tim Ray, host of Conscious Media, welcomes experts in each of these field to discuss what’s really happening on our planet.

Trump Sends A Message

Pelosi pushes resolution in the House, while she violates the rules. The [Deep State] is getting ready to push their real candidate out. Investigative reporters dig deep into Rep. Omar’s past. [PP] is in the news. Another part of the Witch Hunt comes to end, Judge orders all information made public. Flynn is back in the news and something very interesting just happened. Schiff tells Big Tech they better have a plan to deal with the deep fake videos. Trump sends a message and trolls the Squad. More from the X22 Report.

Epstein Island! Mount Hermon! The Standard Hotel. More from McAllister TV.

We all are growing sick of The Squad. These radical chicks of color, who hate America and all it stands for, are painting the Democrats as a party of division and doom.  Burn in hell, George Soros, for inflicting these obnoxious dumbasses on us.  Very obvious: We not only need to build The Wall, but pretty much close the gate. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

SerialBrain2 returns with a followup on how President Donald Trump has retaken control over the chemtrails. Much more is revealed here, including the spectacular Beast to Air Force One Riddle.

Trump Controls the Chemtrails!

SerialBrain 2 surveys President Donald Trump’s fight to regain control over the skies. The Nephilim — illegal aliens who had gained access to our aircraft and our military — have been showering the skies with chemtrails designed to weaken us and to control our bodies and our minds. Now, the White Hats marshaled by President Trump have blocked the Nephilim and sent them running. Some chemicals are still being distributed, but they are designed to help restore our health and our minds.

New developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case that could tie him to Saudi Arabia and Phoenician child sacrifice rituals! Also an update on the Elijah Cummings investigation and the Dem 2020 hopefuls are failing miserably! More from Red Pill78.

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The elite are panicking. The [Deep State] and mainstream media are pushing the race card to distract from what is really happening. All part of the plan. Omar parents have a very interesting past. Did Trump tweet out his comments to bring attention to something we all should be looking at. The elite are now using excuses of why they were involved with Epstein. They are trying to get ahead of the story. MSM is now pushing stories about Seth Rich and Julian Assange. Something big is about to happen. Watch the news. Q drops more bread. The [DS] wants division. Define projection. More from the X22 Report.

Pastor Caspar McCloud returns to have a conversation about God, and those who despise Him. More from the SGTReport.

Remember this young girl (below), her wrists bound, who appeared in the Instagram account of Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis? Alefantis labeled the pictures #carisjames. He told mainstream media that he was this girl’s godfather and the images did not show any real danger, but were just a matter of him and some of his friends playing around.

Not so say some Anons. They believe this was a young girl destined to be sold on the open slave market for pedophiles. The Anons believe #carisjames is code for the locale of the slave market: Caribbean Island St. James, one of the Virgin islands owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

If Alefantis was telling the truth, where is this girl nowadays? Have any of Alefantis’ media defenders shown she is still alive, or are they just a pack of Liberal liars, hiding a modern-day slave market?

Try Harder!

In Pursuit of Truth reviews the latest news involving or relating to Q-Anon, including 13 new indictments against R. Kelly and the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Also, we learn that Jeffrey Epstein kept an “insurance policy,” videos in a large safe, presumably showing rich and famous individuals involved in illegal activities on his island.  This safe was not at his Manhattan mansion but on the island. Will the contents be revealed?

SerialBrain2 offers a two-part series that explores how President Donald Trump vanquished the chemtrails, and the dominance of Queen Elizabeth 1, to Make America Great Again. This series uses gematria, the particulars of Trump’s recent Twitter posts and older symbols including the eye of Ra, the serpent and the rainbow to capture the metaphysical battle now occurring to re-establish a free and proud United States.


Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico property will be part of the investigation. There are rumors that an individual will be stepping forward, could this be [Rachel Chandler]. Watch the news, the news unlocks. There are mysterious boxes in each of his rooms. Flynn’s case mimics, Trump Tower, CP and GP etc. New York City had a blackout, and it seems there might be a message associated with it. Q drops more bread. This shows Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Someone used a drone to fly over it. More from the X22 Report.

From his 2008 conviction, to the sweetheart deal which may have ended a political career. From the underage girls who serviced him, to the madam who procured them. From a proposed deal to reveal names of those who enjoyed his harem, to the possible takedown of some big VIPs. This is Jeffrey Epstein’s story which proves Pizzagate is real. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

There Are Candy for Dragons!

I am now convinced that every consumable given to us by the elite, represents some kind of mockery or evil. Opal Fruits (now Starburst) are no different. These vintage commercials disclose everything from chemtrails to fallen alien deception and depict children as “fruit” and “food” to the elite.

Opal is mined from Australia’s massive Great Artesian Basin GAB, from fossilized dinosaurs. Dragon tears (see urban dictionary for real meaning of man tears) are said to be the source of Starburst’ peculiar juiciness. Things get really weird when a commercial shows children being chemtrailed with Opal Fruits under pink skies! More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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