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Jelling The Woo

How do we go about “jelling the woo.” First step: Use proper language to describe what we are seeing. That means recognizing that the coronavirus isn’t a random pandemic but an act of war perpetrated upon us by the Communist Chinese acting in collusion with the Globalist elites.

The Globalist elites, embodied by the likes of Mitt Romney and Joe Biden, thought they could get away with killing off thousands upon thousands of Westerners without anyone tying them to the crime. Needless to say, these elites were dead-wrong, and now are being left out to dry by their Chinese allies.

Here’s another lesson from clif_high to help you survive the “woo” and come to terms with what’s happening. To do so, you must begin to re-establish some solid footing. So the key becomes solidifying or jelling the woo.

There are lessons drawn from history and popular culture, for instance, the 323 BC assassination of Alexander the Great through the use of the slow-developing poison of the flowering white hellebore. Also, what can we make of Ming the Merciless, the villain who arose in the Flash Gordon comic strip in 1934?

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