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Era Of Big Tech Ending

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report has a major announcement for anyone looking for Big Tech alternatives. Innovative Big Tech competition has arrived with Rumble’s announcement that it is acquiring Locals Technology, Inc. Buying Locals will help Rumble’s mission of giving creators even more autonomy over their work and connections with their audience.

The era of the Big Tech monopoly may be ending as true alternatives like Locals and Rumble empower their creators to generate revenue without being limited by corporate advertisers and special interests. Most importantly, Locals users own their community data and content.

The era of creators being dependent on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter is ending! Watch to hear what’s coming next!

Big Tech gained its power — and also went seriously astray — through its merger with the state. Are these bona fide private companies or simply fascist arms of the state? What are the links connecting Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to overreaching, thug agencies like the CIA? Here, the British-based Podcast of the Lotus Eaters discusses the topic “Cyberfascism: The State and Social Media.”

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