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Musk to UN: Stop Sex Abuse

Multi-billionaire Elon Musk is challenging the United Nations to stop trafficking in kidnapped children. The revelation came about when the U.N. took a swipe at Musk for refusing to donate $6 billion to ease starvation across the planet and the Covid lockdown pain of 25 million people. That’s when Musk shot back with his charge of U.N. child trafficking rings.

Alex Jones reports that Musk did offer to donate money on the condition that the U.N. stop their sex crimes, and exploiting Africans and shipping them across the world into slave dungeons. Says Jones, “This just isn’t mass rape and kidnapping and snuff films and torture, and all the videos and photos of it. It’s about the hunger crisis worldwide. They’re (U.N.) running the lockdowns that are causing mass starvation, 20 times worse than Covid. And then trying to shake down Elon Musk.” Here’s his report.

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