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Biden Angling For Martial Law

Why is Joe Biden’s inept administration so lax in allowing terrorists free access into the United States? Simple. This is an administration that wants to do away with our freedoms and throw out the rights established in the U.S. Constitution.

Once terrorists strike inside the country, we can expect more lockdowns and martial law.

These are among the latest predictions from Martin Armstrong, the geopolitical expert and prognosticator who accurately forecast the Ukraine War as well as Israel’s Hamas drive, years in advance.  He paints a dark portrait of Biden’s careless and mindless administration.

Biden is so eager to bring in illegal aliens he will sacrifice our country’s greatest values, and destroy our heritage. Armstrong appears on a One-on-One video from Greg Hunter’s

The Great Travel Reset

Are you aware of the Great Travel Reset that is already underway? You should be!

Are you outraged about the fact that one of your most basic human rights is being stolen from under your very nose? You ought to be!

Are you willing to spend more than a few minutes a week informing yourself about this issue? You’d better be!

If you want a two-minute explainer on this topic, go to TikTok. For everyone else, this is The Corbett Report.

The Most Powerful Word!

With the threat of unlawful laws, more vaccines and lockdowns, and ridiculous directives from looney Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, we need to hear one powerful word that could change everything–No!

ICONS2020’s Sarge says it’s one of the first few words we learn as toddlers, along with mom and dad. Elaborating further, Sarge suggests that the only solution is with two words: k-n-o-w, which means you’ve got to know who you are and know your rights, and n-o, where you find out who you are and this is what you say when your rights are trespassed against. Here’s his report.

False Flags And Mossad Nukes

Major Jeffrey Prather returns to SGT Report to discuss the FEMA event, false flags, Mossad, 9/11, nukes and revolution. The full title of the video is “False Flags, Mossad Nukes & Revolution.”

Canada Snuffs Out Podcasts

This week on the New World Next Week: Canada continues its online crackdown with its latest totalitarian moves to regulate online streaming and podcast platforms; J.P. Morgan gets yet another wrist slap as regulators do their REAL job; and the Taos terror trial finally gets rolling as lockdowns and drills and exercises explode across the headlines. Here’s more from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Drug Led To Virus Mutations

Truth And Art TV”s Bernie Suarez reports that Big Pharma giant, Merck, rolled out the drug Molnupiravir, which may have led to virus mutations, according to a UK study.

He says the study revealed that instead of killing the virus outright, the anti-viral drug could give rise to significantly mutated viruses that remain viable.  Suarez elaborates, plus also discusses the revelation of major Big Pharma and medical industry players who are now admitting that hydroxychloroquine did work, Joe Biden’s plan to provide federal IDs to illegal immigrants and California Gov. Gavin Newsom playing the moderate card, as he remains focused on a White House run.

Pfizer’s Blood Contract

In the the aftermath of Covid-19’s social and economic disaster for many countries, more of Pfizer’s rigged contracts with the world’s governments have surfaced, revealing they took advantage and profited from the pandemic’s widespread panic.

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Judy Mikovits to the podcast to discuss the revelation–specifically the Pfizer-South Africa connection–and how they both knew the vaccine was potentially unsafe.

Treason? Evidence Destroyed?

Lockdowns: They don’t reduce the death toll! We are seeing an enormous increase in heart attacks! How much of this death and destruction is tied to the vaccines?

January 6th, GITMO, evidence destroyed? Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

How To Survive The Lockdowns

With the impending lockdowns and mask mandates it is more important than ever to know how to survive in an environment like this. Welcome to Don Doomsday Prepper’s Academy! Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Covid Tyranny Returns!

Josh Sigurdson reports that Hollywood, some universities and offices have gone full tyranny again, reinstating Covid lockdown measures, mask mandates and testing.

Leading the charge in Hollyweird is Lionsgate with masked mandates, while similar actions are being taken by Morris Brown College, in Atlanta. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is reporting there are three Covid variants that people need to fear.

Says Sigurdson, “What we’re dealing with, truly, is the tyranny of the state. More lies, more propaganda, trying to get us down on our knees to bring down Western civilization.” Here’s his report.

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