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Flynn’s Warning Comes True

Earlier this month, Gen. Michael Flynn issued a dire warning to the world that he saw the telltale signs of a new Covid variant to be released on the world to create fear and establish more U.N. control via an economic collapse.

Infowars’ Alex Jones says now we see exactly that come to fruition, with the U.N., United Kingdom, European Union Israel and the Democrat Party all pushing for new lockdowns because of the alleged emergence of a new variant, labeled Covid 21.

Who’s to blame? Jones says it’s the multinational corporations, through radical think tanks and cooperation of the media, who laid out scenarios years ago to take control of the planet. Here are the latest developments.


Their Goal: Global Genocide

UN Agenda 2030. COP 26. The Club of Rome. The Great Reset. They’re all in on it, Lockdowns. Vaccines. Net zero carbon emissions. And their stated goal for decades has been global genocide to reduce earth’s population to 1 billion people, or less. Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report to expose their diabolical plan. which is meeting growing resistance by the day.

Illegitimate Vaccine & Election

We bring you part 2 of SGTReport’s recent interview with Dr. Dave Janda. Dr. Janda, from Operation Freedom, discusses the illegitimate mRna Covid “vaccines,” the illegitimate presidential election of Joe Biden, and what is now quite obviously a wholly illegitimate criminal government.

Fool me twice…More from Paul Joseph Watson.

They Want X-Men Super Powers

Animals have amazing abilities, some say super powers. Animals have abilities that are so much more powerful than humans, that the transhumanist movement is determined to understand and create technology that allows people to also have these skills.

They have been splicing human DNA in secret labs and creating chimeras (half human – half animal) babies. While we know it is unethical to experiment on human beings, transhumanists do it anyway.

In this episode, Sarah Westall talks with animal expert Megan Blake who, in her lighthearted and inspiring way, educates us on the amazing abilities animals possess. We also weave in the message that animals bring love to your heart and home.

This is a fun episode which educates us on the agendas of transhumanists while sharing the amazing capabilities of the furry animals that we adore. You can see more of Megan Blakes work at

Between global warming and COVID and lockdowns and genetic engineering, we’re living through an age that is fundamentally trying to remake what it is to be human. But will humanity change, or disappear outright? Sheila Zilinsky is a Christian speaker and the author of the book Technogeddon: The Coming Human Extinction.

She joins Stew to discuss the dangers facing humanity. Figures discussed range from animal hybrid experimenters Francis Bacon and Aleister Crowley to Jack Parsons, the occultist who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The full title of this video is “The Transhumanism End Game: The Most Horrifying Reality That Faces Us Today.”

Musk to UN: Stop Sex Abuse

Multi-billionaire Elon Musk is challenging the United Nations to stop trafficking in kidnapped children. The revelation came about when the U.N. took a swipe at Musk for refusing to donate $6 billion to ease starvation across the planet and the Covid lockdown pain of 25 million people. That’s when Musk shot back with his charge of U.N. child trafficking rings.

Alex Jones reports that Musk did offer to donate money on the condition that the U.N. stop their sex crimes, and exploiting Africans and shipping them across the world into slave dungeons. Says Jones, “This just isn’t mass rape and kidnapping and snuff films and torture, and all the videos and photos of it. It’s about the hunger crisis worldwide. They’re (U.N.) running the lockdowns that are causing mass starvation, 20 times worse than Covid. And then trying to shake down Elon Musk.” Here’s his report.

The Most Dangerous Word

It’s just a small outbreak. It’s just closing down your small business. It’s just one lonely Thanksgiving. It’s just not traveling for a while. It’s just a face shield. It’s just one shot. It’s just one lockdown. It’s just so we can get back to normal.

“Just stop! The word just has become the most dangerous word in history, because they wanted to see what you would tolerate,” says this patriot from Starblazer 692003.  He adds that the word “just” can also end  this nightmare if you just open your eyes, just refuse to comply and just stand up for your rights. “If you just realize that we are the majority, their power will just disappear,” he says. More from Starblazer.

Collapse Of Supply Chain

Josh Sigurdson reports there’s an obvious and controlled disruption to the supply chain, posing a clear danger to economies worldwide. The organized push is also causing massive employment shortages, which in turn, is halting the flow of goods and services internationally.

The lack of transportation, an offshoot in the disruption, is leading to massive livestock kill-offs and sparking skyrocketing inflation. An estimated 120,000 pigs are set to be slaughtered and tossed away, sending meat prices through the roof and making it unaffordable for most businesses and individuals. “When this happens, people become desperate. When people become desperate, they can be controlled,” Sigurdson says. This, of course, is in perfect timing for climate lockdowns and carbon credits added to social-credit scores, which also include the jab. More from World Alternative Media.

They Want You Broke!

Josh Sigurdson reports we are witnessing crazy protocols and insane inflation, which will most likely lead to a monster economic collapse for the record books.

Take New York, where government is turning to the desperation and dependence game, subsidizing the massive poverty of citizens and businesses, all in the name of frivolous Covid lockdowns and mandates. And this trend is proliferating across the nation. Rather than open up the economy, officials are opting to flood the system with more money, sending the proletariat into deep debt. They literally want us broke!

It’s become a centralized technocracy that can only spell tyranny. Here’s more with Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Vaccines, Lockdowns Forever

The United Kingdom’s transport minister didn’t exactly comfort his fellow citizens recently, proclaiming that people will need vaccine passports to travel until the end of time. This comes on the heels of a renowned Swedish professor commenting that people will need five or more vaccines in the near future.

“They’re already telling people they won’t be able to leave or enter Britain without a vaccine,” says Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media. He points out that essentially what government is saying, is this will never end and people must submit or lose every basic freedom they have in life. Talk about tyranny, with a huge dose of evil. Sigurdson gives us more details.

Piers Morgan: Pompous Prick

Piers Morgan attacks “antivaxxers.” He warns they are “snatching covid defeat from the jaws of the vaccinated.” Of course, that’s when he catches the coof through his vax. More from The Salty Cracker.

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