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Savin Says Globalists In Charge

In his latest intel update, Juan O. Savin asks are we really at “war” with our visible antoganists, such as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or Mark Zuckerberg, or are we at odds with the globalists who chose those people?

Savin suspects its the latter, thanks to the machinations of the late David Rockefeller, who was instrumental in the reboot of both China and Russia. And then there was Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, who was one of the key influencers on how the 2020 Presidential election was conducted with the vote drop boxes and all the other shenanigans.

So where did Zuckerberg come from? Many hail him as the founder of Facebook, but he did not invent the popular social media forum. Facebook, formerly known as LifeLog, was a DARPA project, who themselves took it from someone else who had developed it. Says Savin, “We’re at war with people behind the scenes, who are pulling strings to control us and move us in their direction.” Appearing on American Media Periscope, Savin also discusses vaccines, MK-Ultra and other interesting topics.

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