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Truckers Rise Against Tyranny

Canadian truckers en masse are driving into Ottawa to protest their lying doofus premier Justin Trudeau and his associates pushing the Covid tyranny. Hailed by supporters all along the way, the truckers are gathering the attention of the world. More from Meme the Left.

Of course, the legacy media — the so-called fake news — is barely reporting on the massive truckers’ protest. How massive? It opened with 10,000 truckers. As the drive continues, it’s growing, and some reports now claim as many as 50,000 truckers are taking part.

Trudeau dismisses them as a “tiny minority,” labeling them as nothing but troublemakers and “white supremacists.” Apparently, Trudeau is a fool, quite literally a dunce. And as the march continues, the lamestream media will eventually have to acknowledge what’s afoot. Even those leftist yokels can’t sleep forever. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

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