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The Doomsday Device

When Juan O. Savin announced in recent videos that Sept. 3, 2022, was a crucial cutoff point regarding data from the 2020 Presidential election, was he really referring to the date of humanity’s escape from the enemy’s matrix, aka The Doomsday Device date and time?

While numerous pundits have pointed to October as the month of the rapture and our glorious ascension to otherworldly destinations, Qualified Observers reports it was able to decode a date of a future event, which is connected to the moon, in Q drop 2034, dated Sept. 3, 2018, and later confirmed by Savin. Later, an Ultra Q post on Instagram earlier this month says the Doomsday Device date and time was set long ago and cannot be changed, lending itself to a countermove by the White Hats.

In the following episode, Qualified Observers warns all to prepare for a series of massive events in the near future. He explains further.

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2 thoughts on “The Doomsday Device

  1. He stated in his June 21, interview, “there is no secret rapture”. You are being deceived by Jetson White. God, is not zapping us up into spaceships to train for a 3 year trip to a new world.

    • He did, indeed. Like with many other noted pundits who experience a change of course, was Savin perhaps privy to new information? After all, he appears to be connected to some pretty saavy sources. We encourage our readers to always use their own discernment when reading our content. Many thanks for your keen observation.

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