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The Children Must Be Lying

Jason Bermas addresses some of the hard realities surrounding the Satanic cult by taking a look at Are The Children Lying? This was a documentary produced in the 1990s by Brad Edwards, a journalist working with Oklahoma 4 News.

Many of today’s journalists cavalierly dismiss Edwards’ work and other related pieces as exhibiting a rabid fear of Satanism. We would argue these these journalists have dropped the ball. Whether it’s because they are afraid or they are complicit with the Satanists, they are not actively looking out for the well-being of the public, and especially not helping any of the children who have been brutally victimized by these degenerate creeps.

(Editor’s Note: The opening of the video features  about 30 seconds of the promo screen. You might want to fast-forward through this dead space to reach the point where Bermas opens his presentation.)

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