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What Are The Feds Up To?

As the conclusion to the Great Awakening looms, it appears the Feds are  losing their minds!

Riss Flex reports on a number of actions by federal agents that defy reality, with the ridiculous subpoena of President Trump by the Jan. 6 Committee and also an order by a corrupt federal judge that he be deposed in a crackpot rape and defamation case at the top of the heap!

Then there was the arrest of an 87-year-old granny, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, for singing religious hymns outside an abortion clinic and the criminal case involving a CIA agent–and driver for the Obamas–for hacking into his girlfriend’s phone and stealing sensitive data.

What the hell is going on? The panic is real, folks, and it’s setting in fast. Here’s Flex’s report.


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