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Juan O. Savin: World Drama

Juan O. Savin dissects what’s next for the Royals following the death of Queen Elizabeth, focusing on whether newly crowned King Charles is destined to remain in power or the possibility that the the stage been set for Prince William?

Savin discusses the Royal process going forward, including playing out their Satanic rituals. He also explains President Trump’s demands to the Jan. 6 Committee over the last two weeks to restore his lawful presidency, put him on the 2022 ballot or charge him. More with Savin and special guest, Sheila, with David “Nino” Rodriguez.

8KUN Owner-Congress At Odds

It’s difficult to believe that Jim Watkins, owner of 8kun website where Q posts, remains at odds with Congress, despite his avowed support of the Constitution. Watkins joins Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy to discuss the two occasions when he was subpoenaed to testify before Congress, most recently when he was deposed by the Jan. 6 Committee, the Q posts and more.

Juan O. Savin: Breaking Point

Juan O. Savin warns the summer of discontent is here and the country is at a breaking point. The problems surrounding the voting machines from the 2020 presidential election have not been resolved, the Jan. 6 committee is off the rails and Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of the chaos by moving a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons into Belarus. What comes next? Here’s Savin with David “Nino” Rodriguez.

The Evil Bush & Clinton Families

Illinois political candidates Bobby Piton and David Shetokas join “The Pete Santilli Show” to expose the evil and the corruption of the Bush and Clinton crime families and discuss the current state of the country, including out-of-control inflation and supply chain problems, and massive voter fraud.

Tom Caldwell American Hero

The Jan. 6th Committee indicts its 1st sedition suspect of the infamous insurrection of 2021. More from Tiberius Maximus.




The Lying Musketeers

The lies streaming from the corrupt Democrat Party are becoming absolutely blatant. Dan Radiostyle says pulling up interviews from just a few years ago, reveals their massive contradiction. There is no doubt that these people will tell you whatever they have to in order to get to the next step.

In this edition of “On The Fringe,” Radiostyle breaks down the lying and cheating and updates the latest news developments.

Say Bye To Nancy in 2022

Dan Radiostyle reports that it could be curtains for Nancy Pelosi this year in light of the Deep State running into roadblocks at every turn. He says she failed in pushing her agenda through Congress and the Jan. 6 Committee probe is a sham.

In this edition of On The Fringe, Radiostyle also highlights the infighting in the Democrat Party and focuses on how the Deep State is talking tough, although their actions suggest they’re losing power quickly. Here’s the report.

Pelosi A Modern-Day Stalinist

Mark Levin says a closer look at the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots Committee reveals a more sinister motive than what they say it does. He says the Democrat Party, in junction with a propaganda-driven White House and media, want to turn the committee into some kind of an event to use against conservatives, Donald Trump and anyone who disagrees with them.

And leading the charge is modern-day Stalinist Nancy Pelosi. Says Levin, “What is the difference between the Jan. 6 committee and their so-called investigation and the kind of investigations that Joseph Stalin used to conduct? Not a lot.” Levin breaks down the committee’s real motive and those of Pelosi.

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