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Death By Remdesivir

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tells London Real that for all the wealth equality that liberals blab about, they still fail to take accountability for the disaster that was their Covid-19 pandemic hoax.

Kennedy says the lockdowns and restrictions not only hurt the poor, they also enriched the super wealthy by $3.9 million, creating 500 new billionaires. “It was a war on the poor and the children,” he says. He added that Blacks suffered three times the death rate of whites and the United States, which has 4.2 percent of the global population, suffered 20 percent of Covid deaths.

“Our country had the strictest adherence to all these protocols, including the use of Remdesivir, which is enormously toxic and completely inefficacious, but it was Tony Fauci’s pet drug,” Kennedy says. Despite the facts and the overwhelming evidence, the left, with help from the complicit mainstream media, refused to take responsibility. More from Kennedy.

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2 thoughts on “Death By Remdesivir

  1. Ronald M. Chavin on said:

    Remdesivir failed to shorten hospital stays or reduce deaths in these clinical trials:

    The researchers who completed the 1,643-participant, New York City remdesivir clinical trial imply that in the ACTT-1 clinical trial, the sicker patients must have been sneaked into the placebo group to get the rigged result that got remdesivir approved:

    In the following studies, favipiravir outperformed remdesivir for early COVID-19 efficacy, late COVID-19 efficacy, milder side effects, lower price, better convenience, or higher compliance:

    Remdesivir failed in Japan for treating hamsters with COVID-19 but favipiravir did not fail:

    In a new study from Wuhan, China, after sacrificing hundreds of IFNAR1-/- (slightly immunocompromised) mice, both T-705 (favipiravir) and H44 (improved-molecule favipiravir derivative) defeated both EIDD-1931 (NHC = the metabolite) and EIDD-2801 (molnupiravir = the prodrug), which defeated GS-5734 (remdesivir), which finished in last place:

    Remdesivir is totally useless against all viral diseases, including the flu, common cold, and Ebola:

    Remdesivir is fraudulently indicated for end-stage COVID-19 when in truth, it has absolutely no benefit in reducing the cytokine storm, in fact, might make it slightly worse:

    Remdesivir causes numerous bizarre side effects, including acute pancreatitis, anaphylaxis, bacteremia, blisters, circadian rhythm dysfunction, exanthema, hyperglycemia, osmotic tubulopathy, reactivation of herpes, and skin rashes:

    Remdesivir causes blood clots (18.8% for remdesivir versus 5.3% for placebo), thereby making remdesivir even worse than baricitinib, ruxolitinib, tofacitinib, and dexamethasone for increasing the incidence of deadly blood clots during COVID-19:

    Remdesivir causes heart damage (asystolic arrest, cardiac arrest, heart block, hypotension, QT interval prolongation, sinus bradycardia) but favipiravir does not:

    Remdesivir-induced bradycardia is sometimes just temporary, sometimes permanent:

    Remdesivir causes liver damage but favipiravir does not:

    Remdesivir causes kidney damage but favipiravir does not:

    Remdesivir, Kaletra, and ribavirin worsen the skin rash problem during COVID-19 but favipiravir does not:

    Remdesivir permanently damages the natural enzyme, CES-2, which is needed by the human body to convert biochemicals:

    Because of remdesivir’s above-described adverse events, some of which might damage a person’s health permanently, the survivors in the placebo group are much better off than the survivors in the remdesivir group:

    Among RdRp inhibitors, molnupiravir’s metabolite, EIDD-1931 (NHC), was highly mutagenic, ribavirin was slightly mutagenic, and favipiravir was not mutagenic at all in this North Carolina study, which forgot to include remdesivir:

    Among RdRp inhibitors, remdesivir might be almost as mutagenic as molnupiravir because it has triggered viral mutations in hospitalized COVID-19 patients:

    Remdesivir causes 362 bad drug interactions by interfering with hepatic cytochrome P450, notably the 3A4 subtype, CYP3A4, which is the key enzyme for metabolizing most drugs.
    P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is the name of the transporter which boosts the concentration of many drugs:

    Caution: Beer, wine, cigarettes, corticosteroids, remdesivir, and favipiravir will cause birth defects? More than 100 very popular drugs that have been approved worldwide, including statins for cholesterol, ACE inhibitors and ARBs for blood pressure, corticosteroids and NSAIDs for pain or inflammation, antibiotics for infections, progestins, anabolic steroids, methotrexate, anti-fungals, anti-virals, chemotherapy drugs, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and ionizing radiation, ALL CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS:×993.png

    Each time the heart-damaging drug, remdesivir, is dispensed, “royalties go to NIAID (Tony Fauci’s agency), the U.S. Army, and the hospitals:”

    Dr. Paul Alexander, Kelly Ansems, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Scott Atlas, Dr. Amy Beard, Stephanie Brail, Jennifer Brown, JV Chamary, Sam Chaney, Igor Chudov, Dr. Ryan Cole, Peter Halligan, Daniel Horowitz, Ethan Huff, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Peterson Pierre, Dr. Didier Raoult, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Madhava Setty, Dr. Mark Sircus, Richard Willet, and Victoria Yan have strongly advised everybody to refuse the totally fraudulent drug, remdesivir, at the hospital. Each time they administer remdesivir, hospitals in the U.S. receive a huge, 20% financial kickback plus other bonuses from the U.S. government, which receives huge amounts of bribe money from U.S. Big Pharma, usually directly to both the visible and hidden accounts of the politicians who write the law:

    Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has become anti-remdesivir:

    In Europe, ESICM now advises against remdesivir:


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