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Massive Global Shift In Power

Although it has yet to be reported widely in the West, Germany is now taking concrete steps to re-align with the Russians and Chinese, as well as their Asian and African allies, in establishing a new world order. The change comes as the Rothschilds are losing their grip over control of the European superpowers. France and Great Britain also are slipping, leaving the United States and Canada as the last of the superpowers holding to the old line.

That’s the assessment of geopolitical analyst Benjamin Fulford, who says the world is undergoing a sea change, yet the fake news continues to ignore the changes and refuses to cover them. Fulford, a Canadian investigative reporter living in Japan, shares his assessment with Mel K. He touches on a number of topics, including the precarious state of the diamond trade now that diamonds can be created artificially and no longer need to be mined.

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