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Make Them Feel The Heat

The [Deep State] has trapped themselves. They are digging the hole deeper and deeper. There is no way out except one. The patriots are making the [Deep State] feel the heat. They are panicking. They thought Trump would have attacked by now. They are wrong. This is a marathon not a sprint. The people are experiencing the truth. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit Of Truth launches a new series called Hot Takes. His inaugural video examines the Q theories and misconceptions being pushed by Russell Brand, the British pundit and comedian. IPOT doesn’t try to indict Brand, but admits to being frustrated and disappointed with Brand’s Q views. Have a listen and see if you’ve heard similar arguments from friends or family members.

Global tyranny is the theme of the second and concluding half of Mel K’s interview with the SGTReport. Among the topics discussed: How gold prices could spike, leading to a loss of power by the Central Bankers. Also, Arizona sheriff sees fivefold increase in illegal border crossings.

More Exposures, Resignations

Many are waking up! Many more are exposed! Resignations continue. More from And We Know.

Mel K and the SGT Report break bread on some serious subjects: YouTube’s intransigence and evil censorship, the insane Democratic infighting in New York, the pack of lies and half-truths surrounding coronavirus, and how rapacious individuals including George Soros and Michael Bloomberg cite anti-Semitism to excuse some truly pathetic and anti-humanist behavior. And that’s just for openers. Here’s the first part in a two-part interview.


Corruption In The Vote Count

How can Secretary of State offices in Michigan and Pennsylvania allow vote counting to be done by individuals wearing Joe Biden face masks and stickers? Aren’t those flagrant signs of corruption and malfeasance?

The Michigan Secretary of State is Jocelyn Benson, a 43-year-old Democrat, originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State is Kathy Bookvar, a 52-year-old Democrat, originally from New York City. Both of these women are attorneys. So you would think they would uphold election laws and govern with impartiality, not permitting poll workers to wear insignias favoring one party or the other.

More from CirstenW who conducts an election round-table with Mel K and Charlie Rose, getting into the blatant partisan election, marked by gross cheating, that we just witnessed.


Adrenochrome Busts Heat Up

The mainstream media keeps silent, but the world is learning more all the time about adrenochrome — the elixir extracted from living children, subjected to hideous torture and abuse by an evil cabal of Satanists.  Who uses adrenochrome? The rich and famous, seeking to extend their lives and improve their looks. It’s a popular drug in Hollywood, as well as among musicians, fashion models and artists. They keep it under wraps, but it’s also big in political circles, among top academics and members of the business elite.

You want to know why so many CEOs resigned over the past year? Because the evidence has begun to leak showing their involvement in swilling down adrenochrome. Much of it comes from China, but there are also adrenochrome labs in the Western Hemisphere, including a handful of them in the United States.

Here, Mel K joins Cirsten Weldon to discuss recent adrenochrome busts involving billions of dollars worth of the drug.

We also learn more about the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was a major supplier of adrenochrome to the elite. Why did Epstein have dentists’ chairs at his mansions and resorts? Because the most potent adrenochrome comes from living children, ages 3 to 11. strapped into the dentists’ chairs, they are tortured and beaten until they are out of their minds, causing a massive infusion of adrenochrome into their bloodstream. It is the so-called byproduct of the flight or fight syndrome.

At the peak moment, the kids’ teeth are yanked out, and a tube is injected into their gums to extract blood. Sometimes, a syringe is used instead through the eye sockets. The point is to begin to remove blood while the children are still alive. Also,  the tubing is pushed as close as possible to the pituitary gland,  near the base of the brain, which is involved in the secretion of adrenochrome.

The adrenochrome discussion begins at just after the 31-minute mark in this video. Both cirstenw and mel k are actresses, who have worked in Hollywood as well as New York and Florida.




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