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Earth: The Reptilian Construct!

The earth is neither spherical nor flat, but shaped more like a disc or an egg with a flat top and a rounded bottom. That’s among the startling points raised by British psychic Christian 21 in a new communication with McAllister TV.

This video was originally supposed to air Christmas Eve, but had to be withheld and heavily edited owing to major glitches and blackouts impacting the imagery as well as the aural qualities. Here, you can see the garbled transmission and how it’s practically impossible to decipher anything Christian 21 says, owing to his heavy accents as well as the many technical glitches.

But McAllister TV host Linda Paris has transcribed and interpreted his remarks, and she gives us a different portrait of our planet and solar system than we are used to seeing. There are artificial gateways through which aliens have traveled to seize control, not only of the Earth, but other planets within our solar system and galaxy. Gateway 10 is the keystone to these portals.

Those making the journey include many extraterrestrials, or varying species and planets of origin. The Greys are the foot soldiers for the Reptilians, who are much more sinister and carnivorous. They control our planet, ruling from lairs deep within Inner Earth. Orion is within the mix, and so is its Black Sun.

Earth, for all intents and purposes, is a prison planet. We’ve been told repeated lies about this world, and its ET rulers. When did they come here? Why did they come? What they did? Where they did it? This is lesson 1A. Much of it is lost, garbled or gritty. But it is a starting point from which we can begin to unravel the many lies and half-truths we’ve always been told.

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