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Hunters Becomes The Hunted

Orion is a constellation named after a hunter in Greek mythology. When we hear Q talk of how the hunters will become the hunted, is this a reference to creatures from the constellation Orion that have been entrenched on Earth for many millennia?

How are these creatures — Reptilians and Grays — involved in hunting down children for their adrenochrome? Have these creatures taught their wicked cannibalism to Globalist leaders? Here, McAllister TV begins to connect the dots and draw assumptions, as well as frame possible conclusions.

This is a two-part series, beginning with a review of the classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby, shot in 1968 and directed by Roman Polanski. The actual sight of the shoot was The Dakota, the same New York City locale where John Lennon was later assassinated.

The review continues in part two, where we see comparisons made about the collars worn by Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and those used by individuals including Gloria Vanderbilt and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Is the movie fiction or a depiction of how globalists have learned from the Grays and Reptilians to cultivate human gardens to feed their blood lust? These collars and related flower spreads are quite revealing.

Perhaps we will get a “full moon” disclosure, after all. Here we present both videos, going backwards with No. 2 first and the first video second. The second video pulls together the talk of Q, Antarctica, Draco reptilians, Orion, Gloria Vanderbilt, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rosemary’s Baby. The first video is the more in-depth Rosemary’s Baby review for those who want to dive deeper into the subject.

The Hidden Alien Proof

UFO expert Riyushin Malone returns for a conversation with Linda Paris on McAllister TV. Among the many topics discussed: the bird-like sounds that aliens use for communication, the Nazca lines in the desert of Peru and a decode of the tattoos on the chest of Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks’ creepy son. Also, here you will see hidden alien proof that they don’t want you to see. Learn more about the Orion Satanic system and the Crystal Skulls. This is a two-part series. We present both parts below.

In part two, Ryushin Malone and Linda Paris discuss shape-shifting celebrities and reptilian eyes.

Alien, JFK Disclosures Are Near!

Ryushin Malone, Part 2 ( Best UFO video proof! Q Anon rescue missions! Alien disclosure is near! Here, you will see the best video proof that UFOS are real and have been here all along! The Government Sold us out! This is why they killed JFK! Disclosure is coming!

See the evidence that Agenda 21 (World War 3) would have been a massive adrenochrome harvest of the human race! Q ANON: “What was World War 2 about? What was World War 2 REALLY about?” More in this concluding video from McAllister TV.


Evil Satanists, Aliens In Cahoots!

Ryushin Malone ( explains the Satanic star system called Orion and tells why we have been lied to on a Biblical scale! See evidence that Agenda 21 (World War 3) would have been a massive adrenochrome harvest of the human race!

Q ANON: “What was World War 2 about? What was World War 2 REALLY about?” This is part one of a two-part series. Come back tomorrow for more from McAllister TV.

How are the aliens harvesting human body parts, including the pineal gland and other body parts full of adrenochrome? Ryushin Malone says the closest approximation of the process is this scene from the movie Fire in the Sky, based on Travis Walton’s book about his own encounters with aliens. The 1993 feature film starred D.B. Sweeney.

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The Galaxy is on Orion’s belt. So whispers a dying alien in Men in Black. Orion in the film is the alien’s cat.

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Cabal Feeds Humans To Aliens

According to very credible research by Ryushin Sean Malone, extraterrestrial beings have been harvesting and consuming human beings. They work in conjunction with the global cabal through agreements made between governments and aliens in exchange for technology.

Malone has solved the Nazca Lines and the Orion connection to human harvesting and the cabal. He joins us tonight to expose the horrible truth. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! More from David Zublick.

OPERATION RAINBOW…Super Soldier Anthony Zender talks about his memory of Operation Rainbow and the Mercy and Comfort boat in NYC! Twenty One reasons the GEORGE FLOYD IDIOCY is FAKE! KRUGAR NACHT WAFFEN and WALTER KRUGER SS GENERAL! OBAMA THE FRAUD! More from McAllister TV.



Project Looking Glass

Dr. Dan Burisch has a PhD in microbiology and is a former employee of the United States secret military forces. Burisch holds disconcerting great information about extraterrestrials, the time machines called “Looking Glass”(Orion Cube Stargate), the plans of the secret government and the extinction of the human race.

Tonight, we discuss Project Looking Glass with special guest John Carman. More from David Zublick on the Dark Outpost.

The talk of Orion brings to mind the pivotal scene in Blade Runner, the 1982 sci-fi adventure, where the android (played by the late Rutger Hauer) confronts the detective (played by Harrison Ford) one last time. The android recalls long-ago star battles along the shoulder of Orion.

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Is Orion A Satanic Star System?

Here’s a wild, but intriguing theory. What’s it involve? What if Satanic aliens from the constellation Orion have been inhabiting Earth for centuries? What if most of the inventions we have seen in recent years — from microwave ovens to cell phones — are offshoots of the technologies used by these aliens?

Under this thoery: The Rothschilds and other New World Order globalists have been accommodating these aliens, providing them human adrenochrome to harvest. So at least since the 1930s, children have been abducted and fed to the aliens in exchange for valuable, money-making inventions. Are the coronavirus roundups and Agenda 21 but the latest phases of this secretive technology exchange? More from McAllister TV.



Poppy As The Beast

Decoding: “Baby, Your Time is Up” with Poppy as “The” Beast. Why are the recipients of the Pill-mark-of-the-beast wearing respirators? Did the official music video from August 2018 “predict” a pandemic and vaccine? More from The Open Scroll.

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Here is a new tract on DUMBs — Deep Underground Military Bases — from Gene Decode, as well as Blessed 2 Teach reviewing the latest Q posts. The Q posts occupy roughly the first 45 minutes, the DUMBs passages take up the balance.  Here, you’ll see the Masonic designs of Washington, D.C., the owl symbols in major Disney animated features, and the Gemini and Orion patterns for the DUMBs across the western United States. Next week, the new update will get much more heavily into the DUMBs networks internationally.

The Anthony Weiner laptop exposed, including Frazzledrip and John “Skippy” Podesta using a shower to scald a child and force the kid to call him “father.” Caution. This is not safe for children. More from Annette Cividanes.

Hundreds have been arrested, connected to a Dark Web porn site. The 337 site users arrested included individuals from 24 states and territories, as well as from an additional 11 countries, among them, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Brazil. More from Hev123Truthseeker.

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New York’s Belt of Orion

See how Orion emerges from the architecture, roads and streets of New York’s world trade district. It’s the stunning discovery of a dark secret — emulating the world of witchcraft and Satanic demons and sorcerers. This bears remembering as we continue to mourn the human losses on 9-11. More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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You don’t believe the World Trade Center and its surroundings were patterned after Egyptian architecture and hieroglyphics? Let’s go underground — beneath the World Trade Center — to take a look at its original shopping  mall. Look closely and you will see: The Eye of Ra!

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What’s Really Under NYC?

EntertheStars Reloaded offers four videos showing how the buildings of the trade district in New York City mirror the constellation Orion.

The first video shows the buildings, ports and highways all following the details of the constellation, including the appearance of the slain lion in Battery Park.

The second video introduces the 1933 film Deluge, that shows the collapse of New York buildings, 40 years before Ground Zero had opened.

Next a video shows a shopping mall beneath the World Trade Center, the Eye of Ra Mall.

Finally, we learn about the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, as laid out in the movie The Whiz with Michael Jackson.

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