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Till The Last Ukrainian

Here is a new full-length documentary on the Ukraine War from Black Pigeon Speaks. The documentary opens in Berlin but covers a lot of ground, showing how the intransigence of the United States, and industrial demands across the West, have contributed to the Ukraine War. Here are the chapter headings in case you don’t have a full two hours to watch the show and want to zero in on a particular segment.

πŸ”΄ Part I: Berlin (00:00)
πŸ”΄ Part II: The End of History (Again) – (11:02)
πŸ”΄ Part III: Warsaw (18:17)
πŸ”΄ Part IV: Darth Vader vs The Avengers (26:42)
πŸ”΄ Part V: The Monroe Doctrine (44:52)
πŸ”΄ Part VI: Prague (49:26)
πŸ”΄ Part VII: Prelude to War (01:03:20)
πŸ”΄ Part VIII: Budapest (01:15:37)
πŸ”΄ Part IX: Endless War (01:26:20)
πŸ”΄ Part X: End Credits (01:43:30)

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