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Trump Upbeat And Defiant

Longtime political advisor Dick Morris spoke with former President Donald Trump immediately after word came down of the New York indictment. Morris says Trump was defiant and surprisingly upbeat, predicting the voters will reject this move by the Leftist Democrats to tarnish their chief political opponent. “How many points do you think this will gain me?” Trump asked Morris.

The Democrats apparently fear Trump’s candidacy, yet they took an action that will decimate any of his Republican rivals, whether Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley. “Trump has now got all of the oxygen in the room,” says Morris. “There is no place for any other candidate to stand.”

Morris adds Trump now has “a lock on the nomination.” Here’s more from Newsmax TV.

With the indictment remaining sealed, we still don’t know what charges the Manhattan District Attorney might bring against former President Donald Trump. There has been a lot of focus on his dealings with porn actress Stormy Daniels. But CNN is saying there might be as many as 32 different charges and some could pertain to falsifying old business records. Here’s Kim Iversen with more speculation. She also wonders: Will the Trump indictment backfire on Democrats?

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