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Tesla And The Pyramid Mystery

We’re not a science blog, so we generally don’t cover heavy-duty physics here. But there are times when every general rule requires an exception or two. This is one of those times.

What we bring you is a discussion between the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and physicist and historian Joseph Farrell that delves into the electromagnetic wave theories of the great wunderkind Nikola Tesla. Why get into this subject now?

Because this will open doors for you in understanding so much about the universe — so much that remains unknown or barely recognizable. The conversation lasts an hour and a half, but you don’t need to soak it all up in one sitting. In the course of this talk, you’ll get a much better grasp of the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids, notions of time travel and why nuclear weapons might have focused alien attention on Earth.

Most of all, you’ll see how our planet, our sun, most of the stars, are akin to living organisms. Our stellar environment will begin to come alive. You’ll see space not as a cold, mechanical place, but something much more spectacular, mirroring in so many ways the deeper, biological patterns of species and life itself.

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