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Gates Caught In Honey Trap?

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom has revealed that Mila Antonova hung around with Anna Chapman, the notorious KGB spy, while both of them were based in New York City.

This raises the question: Was Antonova also a Russian spy? Is this why she embarked on a steamy sexual affair with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates?  Was she dispatched from Russia with the aim of seducing Gates, and thus, making him vulnerable for exploitation?

“Certainly, a relationship between Gates, one of the most influential businessmen on the planet, and a woman who appears to have connections to a Kremlin intelligence agent is troubling,” the Daily Mail wrote.

We will bring you more as it’s uncovered. In the meantime, here is the New York Post video that explores what we now know about the evolving relationship between Gates and Antonova, as well as how Jeffrey Epstein apparently attempted to capitalize on the affair to blackmail Gates.


Daily Mail photo links Mila Antonova with Anna Chapman in NYC.

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