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Watch The Water

Ghislaine Maxwell was a triple agent: MOSSAD-CIA-KGB, just like her father and Jeffrey Epstein. Here, we come to understand a bit more why we’ve been warned to “watch the water.” Richard Branson comes into play. Also Barack Obama. And other criminal pedophiles.

Investigative reporter Edward Szall is covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. appearing on the Stew Peters Show, Szall says Maxwell plans to use what’s called “the Garden of Eden defense.” In other words, she’s citing what Szall calls a “ridiculous woke argument.”

FBI’s False Flag Coverup?

In this episode, we discuss the newly released statements from the FBI, which seem to exonerate key individuals involved in January 6th false flag attack by stating the event was “95% unplanned.” The question now becomes is the FBI backing off Jan. 6th because THEY were involved in planning and facilitating the FALSE FLAG EVENT??? We also cover Matthew Chap. 10 and “Persecutions Predicted.” And a whole bunch of other news from JustInformed Talk.

It’s no surprise the FBI is backing off the January 6 charges. The agency conducted itself like the KGB during its string of arrests following January 6. Not only were false and phony charges frequently filed, but also some wildly inappropriate and Gestapo-style arrests made. We have since heard many stories underscoring hideously deranged treatment of those arrested.

Here, Vincent James from The Red Elephants discusses how the FBI busted into the home of a Georgia couple and held their 11-year-old daughter at gunpoint while the raid occurred. We also now have the arrest of Alex Jones’ Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer, who was photographed outside the Capitol Building, broadcasting from a stage. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington DC is bringing criminal charges against Shroyer.

Obviously, the Democratic jackals in Washington are trying to flex their muscles and act like big shots. Interesting, seeing as how they cower like naughty school boys when dealing with actual terrorists, like the Taliban!

Justice For Maxwell Unlikely

Author and TV host Jay Dyer, whose work focuses on geopolitics, culture and film, tells Shaun Attwood that it’s unlikely there will be any justice in the Ghislaine Maxwell child sex trafficking case. Though, he says, there’s a strong possibility she will be suicided.

Dyer, who also specializes in decoding Hollywood politics and culture, is almost certain Jeffrey Epstein was suicided and vehemently disagrees with Lin Wood’s assumption that he is still with us. In the following video, he also discusses Epstein’s connection to the KGB and his transformation from modest means into the sinister world of pedophilia, a model he borrowed from Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, whom Dyer called the “Epstein of the Cold War.”


Deep State Had Their Chance

Trump is ready to go. The [Deep State] has been given multiple chances to follow the rule of law. He has now trapped them. This will not end well for the Swamp. All parts of the plan are now coming together, crimes against humanity, election fraud, the economic system, it is all being exposed at once. The patriots are ready to drop the evidence, Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. More from the X22 Report.

The [Deep State] Demonic tactics are revealed. Intelligence agencies are using child rape, murder and blackmail to command the allegiance of Democrats and Republicans alike.  This not only includes the FBI and CIA, but as many as eight other global intelligence units, include the CCP, KGB, Mossad and MI6.

Here in the United States, the game is turning ugly. At the risk of his life, Lin Wood is spilling the dirt. Shots are being fired at the Pulitzer team that has been demonstrating the widespread election fraud in Georgia. We must all pray and fight to overturn the Satanists! More from And We Know.

President Donald Trump’s phone call and Lin Wood’s Tweets figure prominently in this episode of Accordin’ to Jordan, but host Jordan Sather covers many other topics, including Greta Thunberg going nuts and raging controversy surrounding the Electoral College.

Are You Not Entertained?

Rent-a-mob protestors hired by CIA goon George Soros are storming our cities. This immediately following a pandemic that kept us all marooned in our homes for weeks. 2020 hasn’t been a barrel of laughs. We’re getting shanked and shafted at every turn, and the mainstream media keeps jabbing us at the same time, especially those of us who are Trump supporters. What’s with the White House going dark?

Let’s hear from Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-KGB agent who accurately predicted the current state of America more than 40 years ago. What we are undergoing is called ideological subversion. More from Really Graceful.

Here’s a second thoughtful analysis piece — this one from Amazing Polly. She says there are no protests going on anywhere in North America, but rather 4th generation warfare and riots. And now we have “solidarity” riots going on across Europe. Here, Amazing Polly gets into asymmetrical warfare and “gray zone” tactics, drawing upon a research paper by Col. Sean H. Kuester (Great name!).

This might sound way out there, but it aptly sums up what we see happening out on the streets — with the fake protests and dumbo kids who say they are avenging the death of George Floyd, when they don’t really have a clue who he was, or how fraudulent their “outrage” truly is.


Maxwell: The Downfall

Let’s meet Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s primary procurers of young girls. At one time, he portrayed himself as the chief rival of Rupert Murdoch. Robert Maxwell not only bought the Daily Mirror, a pro-Labour tabloid in Great Britain, but he owned a publishing empire, including the Pergamon Press, publishing scientific reports and journals, MacMillan, the Berlitz language schools, even the New York Daily News.

But as time progressed, his empire crumbled and news circulated that he was a possible spy, not only for MI6, the British secret agency, but also Mossad, connected with Israel, and the Russian KGB. He died on Nov. 5, 1991, supposedly drowning, after falling off his yacht the Lady Ghislaine off the Canary Islands.

Here is a 1996 British documentary on him called Maxwell: The Downfall. It’s a riveting work, exploring his Czech origins, work during WWII and his fascination with young girls.

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Russia’s Underground Films

Shane Smith from Vice travels to Moscow and St. Petersburg to meet Russia’s underground filmmakers. Fueled by copious quantities of vodka, wild and crazy intellectual theories and old 35 mm cameras built as solidly as tanks, these artists on the fringe are producing some of the world’s most original movies. Many got their start under Perestroika in the 1980s and rallied behind a rowdy, rebellious movement they called “Parallel Cinema.” Now, amid rising fears of censorship and a return to a chilling Cold War zeitgeist, the filmmakers continue to roll the celluloid, all while keeping a sharp lookout for the KGB. Language, adult content alert.

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