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Gates Caught In Honey Trap?

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom has revealed that Mila Antonova hung around with Anna Chapman, the notorious KGB spy, while both of them were based in New York City.

This raises the question: Was Antonova also a Russian spy? Is this why she embarked on a steamy sexual affair with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates?  Was she dispatched from Russia with the aim of seducing Gates, and thus, making him vulnerable for exploitation?

“Certainly, a relationship between Gates, one of the most influential businessmen on the planet, and a woman who appears to have connections to a Kremlin intelligence agent is troubling,” the Daily Mail wrote.

We will bring you more as it’s uncovered. In the meantime, here is the New York Post video that explores what we now know about the evolving relationship between Gates and Antonova, as well as how Jeffrey Epstein apparently attempted to capitalize on the affair to blackmail Gates.


Daily Mail photo links Mila Antonova with Anna Chapman in NYC.

Clinton Aide Found Dead

A Clinton aide, Mark Middleton, was found dead. He was found shot and tied to a tree with an electrical cord around his neck. His body and car were found at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Ark. Supposedly, he died in May 2022 although the death is only now being reported by the Daily Mail, a newspaper in Great Britain.

Cops in Arkansas ruled the death a suicide despite no signs of a weapon at hand. Middleton served as a special advisor to Bill Clinton and was the Clinton aide who checked Jeffrey Epstein into the White House several times. More from Tim Pool.

And, for those with the time to read, here is the Daily Mail story:

U.S. Under Attack From WEF?

The flurry of balloon incursions and toxic spills across the nation smells of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

George Webb, appearing on Tommy’s Podcast, with host Thomas Carrigan, says there’s no doubt the curious activity in the last few weeks comes from the strong hand of the WEF. For instance, Webb says, in the aftermath of the Palestine, Ohio, train-wreck disaster, FEMA was surprisingly unable to provide water for residents, yet they instantly handed out digital ID bracelets, as if the chaos was preplanned.

The avalanche of balloon sightings reminded Webb about a shocking conversation he had “with a guy named (Igor) Kolomoisky,” where he learned that U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff was in the surveillance business with Ukrainian Igor Pasternak. Webb says he didn’t realize it was a deplorable-surveillance system until it was confirmed by the Daily Mail.

Webb says Schiff and Pasternak actually raised funds in Washington, D.C., in 2013, prior to the 2014 Maidan protest overthrow in Kyiv, Ukraine. “So this just could be a program that’s been around a long time, unwinding right in front of our eyes.” Here more.

GOP Councilor Killed In Jersey

A Republican councilwoman was gunned down while driving in an SUV outside her New Jersey home. The deceased, Eunice Dwumfour, was killed in cold blood as she was returning to her apartment in Sayreville, New Jersey.

She was shot multiple times in a targeted attack. Dwumfour, 30, the mother of one, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities say that the councilwoman, who worked for a Nigerian-based church group, was the intended target – but have not given a motive. More from Tim Pool, citing the Daily Mail.


Biden Kicked The Gong Around

Classified documents illegally taken by Joe Biden apparently were stored in Washington DC’s Chinatown district before heading to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Antony Blinken, now the Secretary of State, previously oversaw the Penn Biden Center.

He placed Kathy Chung in charge of packing and shipping the documents back in 2017. Chung served as a former employee of Rosemont Seneca, and had been recommended for the job by Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Chung claims she had no idea there were even classified materials among the boxes of documents she handled.

But with Chinatown arising as a temporary destination for the materials, this begs the question: Have these documents been kept safe, or were any of them copied or funneled to Communist China? In other words, was a colossal security mistake made? What are the odds for treason to have occurred? The more we learn, the shadier it all gets.

Maria Bartiromo shared the news on her Sunday Morning Futures program on Fox News, repackaged here for the Internet by Red Voice Media. Bartiromo says the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, originally broke the story.

War In The Vatican!

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports war is breaking out in the Vatican, which she says is a plot to get liberal Pope Francis to resign.

Haven says that according to the Daily Mail, conservative Vatican forces are turning up the pressure on the “Communist” Pope to get him to step down. “He has not been standing on the side of freedom,” Haven says of the Pontiff. “And I believe this is one of the many reasons there are tensions now building over in the Vatican.”

Meanwhile, back in the states, the Satanic Temple will flood the city of Boston with Devil worshipers when it hosts Satancon! Haven digs into both stories.

A Deep, Dark World Unveiled

“One of the documents proves that officials on the Biden team routinely directed Twitter to remove posts that reflected poorly on Joe Biden,” reported Tucker  Carlson at Fox News.

“More to review from the Biden Team,” read one internal email from a Twitter employee just days before the 2020 election. That email included a list of several Twitter accounts that had criticized Joe Biden. The reply, “handled.”

Here, And We Know explores the deep, dark world now being exposed — a topsy-turvy world where a so-called American President pushes censorship while we witness major global corporations engaged in pedophilia and possibly even darker practices.  Also on tap: The uniparty treachery of Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan.

Among those censored by Twitter is James Woods, the former Hollywood actor and razor-sharp conservative wit. Woods told Tucker Carlson he will be suing Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee for their role in pushing Twitter to censor him.  More from The Salty Cracker.

We close with another Tucker Carlson segment. He spoke with New York Post columnist Miranda Devine who weighed in on Elon Musk revealing what led to Twitter suppressing the Hunter Biden story in 2020. She believes Musk has not released the full story yet, and still has quite a bit of information left to reveal.  #FoxNews #tucker

Seeing as how ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many other fake news outlets across the United States have declined to cover The Twitter Files, or significantly downplayed the significance of Elon Musk’s revelations, we offer a link to Great Britain’s Daily Mail for an extensive series of stories and snippets that detail the brazen censorship enforced by Twitter on behalf of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020.

Russia Faces Perverted Satanists

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin didn’t mince his words. He says he’s facing a Western opposition led by practicing Satanists. He describes their faith as “a perverted religion: outright Satanism.”

The fake news might remain mum, but Western leaders, including Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, are all visibly corrupt and discernibly Satanists. There are many other such creeps in positions of power, all across the globe. Time we remove them from office. More from the Daily Mail.

Hunter Texted Porn To Dad

As if the Biden Crime Family saga can’t get any more twisted, Infowars’ Owen Shroyer says reports have surfaced that Hunter Biden texted homemade porn to his creepy father!

Sourcing a Daily Mail exclusive, Shroyer says Hunter uploaded his very own amateur videos and texted them to a phone listed in his contacts as “Dad.” Here’s Shroyer with the details, plus an update on the Russia-U.S. tension and more.

Texas Cops Trapped Children

Mr. Obvious reports that Texas cops admit they deliberately locked Uvalde shooter, Salvador Ramos, inside a classroom full of children to avoid getting shot themselves. Nearly 19 officers waited nearly an hour outside of the classroom while students made desperate 911 calls asking for help, according to the Daily Mail. Here’s more from Mr. Obvious.

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