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Hunter Texted Porn To Dad

As if the Biden Crime Family saga can’t get any more twisted, Infowars’ Owen Shroyer says reports have surfaced that Hunter Biden texted homemade porn to his creepy father!

Sourcing a Daily Mail exclusive, Shroyer says Hunter uploaded his very own amateur videos and texted them to a phone listed in his contacts as “Dad.” Here’s Shroyer with the details, plus an update on the Russia-U.S. tension and more.

Texas Cops Trapped Children

Mr. Obvious reports that Texas cops admit they deliberately locked Uvalde shooter, Salvador Ramos, inside a classroom full of children to avoid getting shot themselves. Nearly 19 officers waited nearly an hour outside of the classroom while students made desperate 911 calls asking for help, according to the Daily Mail. Here’s more from Mr. Obvious.

Has WWIII Been Declared?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the essential declaration of war between Russia, China, Israel and India against the United States, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Britain and NATO!

Sourcing the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Sigurdson says Finland, Poland and several other countries may well be in a world of hurt in light of the push by the Cabal for global war in its march toward the Great Reset. Here’s his report.

White House In Panic Mode

The White House is in PANIC MODE after Joe Biden suggests regime change in Russia, backtracking on his statements. Biden refuses to rule out a FIRST STRIKE with nuclear weapons against Russia.

In a shocking LEAK obtained by the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden’s emails reveals that he helped secure funding for biolabs in Ukraine, partially confirming that the US may have had ties with Ukrainian biolab research. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval craters at 34% and shows no signs of recovery. More from Mr. Obvious.

Joe Biden goes insane and calls for regime change in Russia. The White House backpedals furiously. More from Stxhexenhammer666.

Where’s Kamala?

Early on, it was apparent that the Biden Administration wanted to give the impression that Vice-President Kamala Harris was deeply involved with the executive branch. Fast forward to today and the administration is in the midst of its most disastrous blunder, yet Harris is nowhere to be found.

Harris bragged in April that she was the last person in the room when Biden set the Sept. 11 deadline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Though in the last week, with the Taliban in firm control of Kabul and the U.S. scrambling to evacuate American citizens, Harris has disappeared. When Biden first addressed the nation on the crises, Harris watched the speech from the Green Room, according to the Daily Mail. And she hasn’t held a public event since Aug. 12. So the logical question is: Where’s Kamala? Here’s more from Restored Republic.

Another Hunter Bombshell Video

Another sexually explicit, bombshell video obtained by the Daily Mail shows Hunter Biden telling a naked hooker that Russian drug dealers stole one of his laptops for blackmail while he was drugged out in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2018.

The video shows Biden and a prostitute–both naked–in 2019, after filming a sex tape and explaining how he believed his laptop was stolen. Biden left the camera rolling as he recounted a Las Vegas bender in which he spent 18 days going from penthouse suite to penthouse suite. According to the Daily Mail, the incident indicates Biden now has lost three computers. Says Hunter in the video, “They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex, f***ing, you know.” Here’s the clip, courtesy of the Exposing Corruption blog, which contains explicit content.

Fox Fires Creepy Napolitano

Fox News Network fired Judge Andrew Napolitano after a male producer at the network filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Co-worker John Fawcett, who produces Larry Kudlow’s show on Fox Business News, alleges that Napolitano stroked his arm and made sexually suggestive comments during an encounter in an elevator.

Sourcing the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Patrick Walsh of NewsTimeLive says Fox let Napolitano go after the allegations became public and an internal investigation by the network. The encounter was alleged to have occurred in 2019. According to the Daily Mail, Napolitano allegedly told Fawcett, “You see these hands? They look clean, but they get really dirty.” And he followed up by inviting Fawcett to his Manhattan apartment and New Jersey farm.

It was common knowledge at Fox that Napolitano, a legal analyst, sexually harassed young men at the network. In a sidebar, Fawcett also accused Kudlow of using racial slurs. Here’s more of the creepy story from NewsTimeLive.

Ex-FBI Chief Tied To Bidens

Alex Jones breaks down the report in the Daily Mail┬ádetailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, proving an FBI director donated to the Joe Biden family trust fund. Republican Louis Freeh, former FBI chief in the Clinton and Bush administrations, gave a cool $100K to a private trust for Biden’s grandchildren.

The Daily Mail also reported that Freeh contacted then-Vice-President Biden to discuss lucrative future work options, with Hunter Biden as the middleman. The shocking liaison poses the question of whether Biden was using his office to enhance his financial future. And if that wasn’t enough to stun you, Jones found that Freeh oversaw and allegedly attempted to cover up the Penn State University sex scandal involving assistant football Coach Alex Sandusky, who was eventually convicted of sexual child abuse. Jones says it’s all in the Hunter Biden laptop, surrounded by all the other sordid material, which the Daily Mail had the courage to probe. Here’s more with Jones.

Palace Confidential

There’s been a few new twists in the extraordinary saga of Prince Andrew and his relationship with the late, sex-trafficking billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and the accusations that he had sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was a minor, which he strongly denies.

Daily Mail investigative reporters Stephen Wright and Richard Pendlebury have written a series of articles that raise questions not only of Prince Andrew’s defense, but also that of his accuser. Wright stresses that he and Pendlebury wanted to write the series in as a forensic manner as possible, but the discrepancies and holes in the story were numerous. “The Duke (of Edinburgh, Andrew) in terms of his memory and his inability to recall key events. Viriginia Roberts, as well, in terms of the allegations she’s made, the details she’s given, there are holes in there, there are discrepancies and variations.”

A number of the Prince Andrew-Virginia Roberts dalliances allegedly took place at Epstein’s secluded Zorro Ranch, southeast of Santa Fe, N.M. Here’s more from the Mail Plus, the Daily Mail‘s digital edition, including key interviews with Mail staff.

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Brunel An Animal With Girls

Jean-Luc Brunel, French modeling agent and alleged lynchpin of a global underage sex ring organized by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested. French authorities arrested Brunel at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris as he prepared to board a flight Dakar, Senegal.

According to a Daily Mail┬ásource, “The suspect is being held in relation to rape, sexual assault, criminal conspiracy and human trafficking, and all the allegations involve minors.” He is also suspected of being one of Epstein’s top recruiters of young girls for the New York billionaire’s infamous sex parties.

In the following segment with British investigative journalist Shaun Attwood, French vlogger Frederic Ponton, who says Brunel’s reputation on the sex-trafficking scene labeled him an animal with girls, fills us in on his arrest, a bit of his history and the lurid details of his encounters with Epstein and his confidant, Ghislaine Maxwell.

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